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GPU Driver crashing on macOS using AMD GPUs

I'm experiencing a GPU driver crash on macOS using AMD GPUs. It's a bit of a crapshoot as I don't know how much of the driver is in Apple or AMD's hands, but maybe someone would be able to help decipher the GPU crash dumps being generated.


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With so little to go on except you are using Apple OS MAC OS, you need to go to Apple Support to get answers. I know that each Apple OS has it own native AMD Drivers unless you are using Windows Boot camp on a MAC OS Computer.

If there are any updated Apple AMD Drivers for the GPU you have installed you need to consult Apple Support. Possibly you need to upgrade your MAC OS if it isn't the latest version. 

Apologies if there wasn't more information in my first post--that was just to get whitelisted in the DevGurus newcomer's forum. I'm experiencing a GPU driver crash as in, "Something in my rendering pipeline is kicking off a memory protection fault in Apple's AMD driver and I'm hoping the driver state dump can provide a hint as to what it is."

But I guess it was misconstrued as a support request, which I can't blame considering how impossible it is to search for developer-specific information about driver crashes as opposed to consumer-end driver crashes.

Hi Camille

Sorry for moving this post from DevGurus forum to here. From the initial description, I thought you wanted to report a normal driver crash issue, hence our driver support forum looked more appropriate place to report it than the developer forum. Anyway, you have been whitelisted so now you should be able to post anywhere in DevGurus community. 


It's no trouble. It was definitely an ambiguous post.