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Journeyman III

FreeSync Premium Pro is flickering! (Dell S3422DWG)

Hello there,

I own a FreeSync Premium Pro certified monitor for a few months now and am actually quite shocked about its bad performance when FS is enabled. Yes, it is a VA panel, which is obviously not the fastest, cleanest option for gamers out there. However, I don't unterstand how such error-prone monitors can get a certification for FS Premium Pro which promises a smooth performance with (very) low flickering.

The reality is that my Dell S3422DWG is constantly flickering in applications which are not constantly running with straight 144 Hz. The only way to fix this is to either raise the lower FS range limit to around 70-ish Hz or to completely deactivate the feature in the OSD/driver menu. Looks like the implementation of LFC is completely broken on this model. Still, it is certified with the most premium tier AMD has to offer.

Why does AMD allow such a flawed monitor to get the FreeSync Premium Pro approval?

It is making things worse, not better.

Kind Regards


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Journeyman III

The wird thing is: The Dell support keeps claiming that the monitor is working as intended, even though my provided evidences show the opposite.

This is certainly not the first report about flickering with this monitor. AMD should really check their certification process.