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Experiencing Instability with my 5700 XT

Hello everyone, I apologize in advance for my English, I use a translator. I have a 5700xt from asus graphics card. I was already tired of suffering with it, a few minutes after turning on the computer, the video driver turned off. I saw that on the form there are similar problems associated with the hertz of monitors, but I have this problem at any frequency. For a month now, I have been tormented with it, I can’t use the computer normally, I waited, I thought they would update the driver, but nothing helps. I sent the video card to the service center of the store, they said that everything is fine, but the problem remains on my computer (which I collected in the same store) the problem remains. Can I somehow refund the money for this video card? Is this a warranty case, and maybe there are some tips on my problem. Also frequent blue screen. Thanks in advance to all

My PC:

ryzen 3700x

5700xt asus

patriot viper 2666

700W Thermaltake Smart RGB

240Gb SSD Western Digital Green


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The latest mobo BIOS has 7B79vAE version and 2019-09-11 date for you. Make sure your Mobo BIOS is up to date. Also you should Windows 10 1903 18362.357 or later version OS.


everything is updated


Probabilities of problems with this system is very weak. Decrease the graphics card core speed by 100Mhz and core voltage by 50mV (or core power to -20%) with WattMan. Reset the WattMan settings first. With these the problem is very likely to be solved. If my settings don't fix the problem, try GPU with another system. Or use your customer rights.


Thank you so much for helping me solve this problem.
The blue screens with the link to atikmpag.sys when watching you youtube also torment me.
Hardware acceleration in the browser is turned off. What else could be the problem?


If you ask this question to AMD, I think you will get the answer. CPU and GPU core speeds change when watching video. Either the CPU (core voltage regulated by mobo) or the GPU (core voltage regulated by driver or GPU BIOS) causes this problem. But I don't know which one.

You can try disabling DHCP for the monitor and see if that helps. If it is truly something that the driver isn't doing that is hardware connected though it likely will be an upcoming driver fix that and or bios updated needed to fix the issue.