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Journeyman III

Driver Updates Crash PC

Hi all.

About a month ago, I went to update my drivers for my graphics card as I did every time a new driver version came out, however as the Radeon app was "finding my hardware" or something along those lines, my PC crashed an entered a non-stop BSOD loop, until eventually I entered the Windows Advanced Settings to try and fix any issues or revert to a few days prior before I was having issues. However, when the process started, it immediately failed, my PC crashed, and it entered a BSOD loop again. Once more, I opened the settings menu to try and fix my issues, but now nothing worked and my only solution was wiping my drive with Windows on it and reinstalling it fresh, losing many other files I was not able to recover in the process. Since then, I had not attempted to update my drivers, I've just been using the stock ones that came with the reinstall, which are dated from 2017.

Fast forward to today, and I'm still having these issues. Nervously I went to AMD's website, found my GPU, and downloaded the newest drivers available - but yet again, when the app was finding my hardware, my PC froze and crashed again. I attempted this in Windows Safe Mode, I've used other tools to completely delete old driver files, etc. I don't want to try installing them again for fear that I'll have to do another reinstall of Windows.

If anyone has any idea what could be causing these issues, please let me know, as many games I enjoyed before this I now cannot play since they don't have support for such old drivers, and it has been really stressful to deal with.

I do not overclock any component of my PC. I did not have such issues any time before mid-October 2019. I was using this RX580 with an Intel CPU from July 2019 until I got the Ryzen in September and it did not have issues then. Before the RX580 was an R7 370 which did not have issues either. It has all only been since mid-October and everything present now with my issues occurring was present at a time when there were no problems.

PC specs:

Ryzen 5 3600 (new as of September 2019)

RX580 8GB (new as of July 2019)

2x8GB Corsair Vengeance RAM (new as of September 2019)

1x500GB WD Black M.2 SSD + 1x2TB WD Black HDD (new as of July 2019)

X570-A PRO Motherboard (new as of September 2019)

EVGA 600W PSU (dated from December 2017)

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