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Adept I

Driver issue with War Thunder. Udpating drivers causes game to not load in full quality.

Any clue as to what could be the cause or how to fix this?

This first image is how the game looks at max settings when using the 23.9.1 drivers:

23.9.1 drivers at max settings23.9.1 drivers at max settings

This is how it looks at max settings when using any other newer drivers:

newer drivers at max settingsnewer drivers at max settings


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Adept I

Same issue here on 6900XT But on 23.11.1
I had to revert all the way to 23.8.2 to fix it
This causes several issues Tessellation is broken
Terrain textures is lower quality
Terrain tends to flicker

At first i thought this was a gaijin issue but it seems like this is on AMD to fix
Please fix it!

I forgot to mention that my gpu is a 6650XT

If it helps ive got a friend on a 6600XT also suffering it
And another person on a 7800XT So its not just RDNA2 specific

I'd suggest telling everyone with this issue to report the issue with the AMD report tool. The more people there is reporting it, the more likely it is to get fixed.

New driver released 23.12.1
I dont have the time to test it right now and DDU if its still broken
Do you know if it fixed the issues?


still broken, i guess i'll have to go back to nvidia eventually