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Adept I

DPC latency spike when displaying content on second screen

Hi all

Ever since I got my 6900xt red devil ultimate, I've been experiencing some severe DPC latency spike into the 27ms range caused by the dxgkrnl.sys driver, when ever content with animations or GPU acceleration is being displayed on my second screen. Disconnecting the second screen, or not showing content on it solves the issue, also sometimes using borderless window also solves the issue. I've tried a bunch of stuff, from multiple clean installs of drivers, disabling devices, to clean installs of win10 and 11. All of my drivers are up to date, my CPU never goes over 83C when under full load in CR23 (ambient of 25c, around 65-70c while gaming) and my GPU hovers around 70-76c while junction stays around 90-98c. You can read my reddit post and see my previous testing, in addition to a clip of the issue and a few logs.

Something new that I've discovered, is that Vulkan games like Doom eternal, Rage 2 and Wolfenstein dont seem to be affected by this issue. Its mostly isolated to directX games and OpenGL.

I would like to raise awareness for this issue, since I'm not the only one experiencing it.

Also here is my hardware configuration:

  • CPU: R7 5800x
  • GPU: RX 6900xt red devil ultimate
  • Motherboard: Asus b550 e gaming
  • CPU cooler: Noctua nh-d15 chromax
  • RAM: 2x16GB 3600mhz CL16
  • PSU: Corsair hx850i 850w
  • Storage: 500GB Samsung 970 evo (OS drive), 1TB Samsung 860 evo, 1TB m.2 WD blue 
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Adept I

Just wanted to confirm i have the same issue, also have dpc latency spikes of around 27ms from dxgkrnl.sys when the second monitor is on/connected.

For me it does not appear to matter if anything is displayed on the second monitor, with no apps running besides the game itself on the main display it still occurs.

Ive tried:

-Setting min/max gpu frequencies and fps

-Disabling freesync

-Upgraing/Downgrading drivers with DDU

-Disabling Gamebar/GameDVR in windows

-Disable XMP profile in BIOS

-Disabling CPPC in BIOS

-Force PCIE-Gen3 in BIOS

-Running Games in Fullscreen/Borderless Window/Bordered

-Changing in-game settings

None of the above had any effect. Turning off the second monitor the highest spike was 6-8ms. I installed an old graphics card in my second pcie x16 slot temporarily and connected that to the second monitor which also gave only 6-8ms spikes.

I have now tested DOOM under vulkan and as you stated it had no issues and worked fine.

This is most noticable to me in CoD:Warzone and Star Citizen.

Software Specs:

  • OS: Windows 11 21H2
  • GPU Driver: Radeon Adrenaline 21.10.2

Hardware Specs:  

  • CPU: R5 5600x
  • GPU: RX 6700xt
  • Motherboard: Asrock b550 extreme4
  • RAM: Corsair 2x16GB 3600mhz CL16
  • PSU: Corsair RM750
  • Storage: 1TB Samsung 970 evo

I was able to fix the issue by downgrading to windows 10 1909, no more DPC latency issue there. I would advice you try it. Here is a post on reddit from me about it.

Journeyman III

I have this exact issue on my rx 6800 and r9 5900x system, its a more recent issue, since the August, and Ive noticed it doesnt happen in Halo Infinite (the main game Ive been playing) if I put the game in windowed mode. Hope a solution can be found! because I need to be able to use multimonitors.


I downgraded to windows 10 1909 and the issue was gone, no more DPC latency issue. It seems that there is something wrong with the dvgkrnl.sys driver on newer windows builds. Here is a post with the solution I made on reddit.


I've read complaints about the 27ms spikes going back to the release of Windows 20H1.  I noticed that almost all of the complaints come from those of us with B550 boards and a 6000 series GPU, that may just be a popular hardware combination though. 

That really coincides with Windows 10 1909 not having issues, but unfortunately all versions of 1909 except Enterprise stopped receiving security updates back in May so I don't think its a good recommendation as a workaround. 

I would suggest people use a second graphics card if they have one available and we attempt to get AMD's attention on the issue so it can be resolved.





Journeyman III

This is still an issue today.

I'm using a Ryzen 3950X + Radeon RX 6900 XT on AsRock X570 Aqua

I have a triple monitor setup and when having the secondary monitors connected
I can see latencymon some times get a very high latency that causes lag in game and audio issues in windows.

Its easy to get Latencymon to detect the high latency

Steps to reproduce: 
1. start a video in a browser window (I used chrome and Youtube)
2. Drag the browser window from the primary monitor to the secondary monitor.
3. see the latency spike for the directx kernel in windows.

I'm running all the drivers at their latest edition at time of writing: AMD Software: Adrenalin Edition 22.9.2
and AMD Chipset drivers revision

This has mostly be resolved for me with driver version: 22.11.2

Now I can finally leave my secondary monitors enabled while playing games!

Adept II

I have the exact same issue, I have tried everything and It's driving me crazy !

It happend the most when I'm playing minecraft and for some reason my audio crackles

Hope AMD or Microsoft fix this issue or i'm going to go for Nvidia to see if It's the same..

Adept II

Hello the problem seems to be finaly fixed ! 

Since the last AMD or Windows Updates my problem as disapear, hope It will be the same for all of you !

I'm so happy , have a nice day everyone.

That's great! Thanks for letting us know.

Have a nice one too!

Journeyman III

I thought this issue was fixed for a week or two, but it appears to be back. Any ideas? This is a huge pain in the butt.


Same for me sadly..This make me more and more want to go back to Nvidia even if the price are high af.

Can't do anything about that except wait for AMD to give us another fix...But I think we can wait another year or two...

Adept II

Hello !

It's me again, Driver 23.3.2 fixed my problem for real this time, made multiple test all days since the launch !

Not one of my test shows spike of latency, no audio crackles, nothing !

AMD as finally fixed this for real this time.

Have a nice day everyone.

Thats great to hear, I moved to a full linux system a while ago, so I wasnt really monitoring this issue anymore. That said its great to hear that AMD finally address this annoying bug.