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Journeyman III

Cpu usage always at 0 in overlay,and massive fps drop since new update


Radeon 20.2.1 version

R5 3600

16gb ddr4 ram 3200cl14

X570 aorus pro latest bios

Rx 5700xt sapphire Nitro+

1. My cpu is always at 0 in radeon overlay since last two updates i used the DDU to try to solve this but still the same.

 2. Whenever i start playing any game in first 10 mins of gameplay i get only once a massive fps drop to 0 with about 6-7second freeze gpu utilization also goes to 0 during that,and after that it works fine like always.Never had such issue until now,so im not sure is windows update to blame or radeon. Ram usage is about 50max ,Vram about 30-40% .

I have a log of performance,picture that shows gpu usage at 0 during the gaming when the issue occurs and a picture of cpu always at 0 bug.

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