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Adept I

Corrupted BIOS screen and crashing graphics card in Windows

Ever since i moved to AMD (had a gtx 960), have had some weird image problems like the one anexed. I bought a RX 6700 non xt, and it was really unstable in the begining, drivers wise (gpu was kinda hot so I undervolted it) and kept crashing, and all of the sudden this would happen to the bios image and sometimes would stay in windows boot up.

I sent the card to warranty, got the money back and managed to get a RX 6950xt. Meanwhile I used my gtx 960 as a backup and this problem never once occured.

One month later got the new gpu, played a bit with the settings such as undervolting and this happens again. Im legit lost, i dont know if the motherboard is at fault or the AMD drivers are at fault.

I used DDU everytime to unistall drivers.

I used to be able to replicate the problem (with the rx 6700) when unistalling the drivers and rebooting the pc and it would always show like that.

The 6950xt feels more stable than the 6700, i still have some white flashing (might be the drivers dunno tried two monitors and multiple cables) while browsing but it at least crashes fewer times in comparison.


Ryzen 5 3600

Gigabyte B550M aorus elite

XFX RX 6950xt Merc

Fractal Design ion+ 2 860w Platinum (used to have a gc seasonic 650w plus gold)


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Adept III

I'm seriously considering getting a refund if they can't fix their drivers. I hope sending a bug report will help, though my hopes aren't very high.

BTW, I crash on all games with my PowerColor Radeon RX 7900 XTX Red Devil.


Thx, i mean the card works fine (its rare but some games hate undervolting or the slightest change in the settings). But this problem is weird because it happened with two AMD cards while my 960 was fine.

The first time it happened was when my pc crashed while undervolting and overclocking my ryzen 3600.

It would occur very often with my previous rx 6700 but it started happening again but this time rarely with the 6950xt.

And the white flashes are annoying too.

My problem is a black screen problem or DirectX problem. We really need everyone to report their problem by contacting AMD, and if that doesn't work, I'm tempted to contact a tech journalist.

oh brother i just posted my issue. having the same thing ;(

look it up it is on top of the first page.

what the hell is going on ? we paid for the latest hardware. what we get? pain.

Hope you guys can get that fixed.

Its sad because they are such good cards and these weird problems keep happening.

Adept II

Issues here aswell something with the latest drivers **bleep**s my Bios. I need to reinstall bios in order to be able to run xmp again after updating amd gpu drivers.