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Adept I

Can't enable Dolby Atmos via 7900 XTX


I have a problem with enabling Dolby Atmos on my Radeon 7900 XTX. 

I have SAMSUNG TV S95B, SAPPHIRE NITRO+ AMD Radeon RX 7900 XTX Vapor-X 24G, and SAMSUNG soundbar HW-Q930B, all support Dolby Atmos.

I have the TV connected to HDMI on my GPU and when I go to spatial audio settings in Windows 11 I cannot enable Dolby Atmos for Home Theater, I get an error “Something went wrong while trying to turn on spatial sound”.
I have the Dolby Access app installed and I cannot configure Atmos as it says that I need to enable mentioned setting in Windows.

I have found some threads on forums so I'm not the only one. Things that I have tried:

1) Uninstall drivers /reinstall
2) Reset the TV to factory settings.
3) Reinstall the Dolby Access app.
4) Disable onboard audio in BIOS and uninstall Realtek drivers also with DDU
5) Connecting to another HDMI port

Before I had Nvidia 3080 as my GPU and Dolby Atmos was working OK, with no issues. The same setup, of course except for the GPU.
Tried everything that found on the internet, but nothing helps.

I have also reported that via AMD Bug Report Tool. (No idea how to raise a "normal" ticket to AMD).

Looking forward to any help.

Thank you.

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You can open a AMD Support ticket directly from here:

NOTE: Not sure if the AMD SUPPORT Page is working since no form pops up like before.

@Sam_AMD  @Matt_AMD  & @Amber_AMD 

Screenshot 2023-02-13 103448.png


What does Windows Sound Panel show for you Main Audio Device?

Also under "Properties" in the Main Audio Device you can enable Dolby Atmos that is you already have done this part:

Screenshot 2023-02-13 103448.png

Does Radeon Settings have any settings to configure or enable "Spatial Sound"?

Adept I

Same issue. Its a driver problem. Contacted AMD support (type in Google AMD support contact and you should find it) they confirmed that it is driver issue and are working on a fix, but no ETA do I wouldnt Hope on quick fix.


I have tried everything, it simply won't work. Different cables, different connections, all supported drivers for 7900XTX, extracted old drivers to get only HD audio driver, installed clean windows 11 on a second drive.

AMD just needs to fix it. 


Thanks for the update on what AMD Support said about Dolby Atmos.

I see that AMD Support page is up again and working again.

Adept I

Thanks all for your help.

So I will wait for the driver fix.

Btw It would be nice to have it under the Known Issues in the release note.

Adept I

I am having the same issue. I've found a workaround that works, I just don't like having to use workarounds.


Samsung 55" Ark

Samsung HW-Q950T


Instead of using Dolby Atmos for Home Theater that worked with an nVIDIA GPU I have to use Dolby Atmos for Headphones.

I have my GPU connected to the Samsung One Connect box and my soundbar connected to the One Connect box via eARC. 

I can choose Dolby Atmos for Home Theater and it won't work. Using the Dolby Atmos for Headphones does work and when I play one of the sample videos in the Dolby Access app it does not give me the warning that I'm not using Dolby Atmos and my soundbar shows that what is playing is in Dolby Atmos.

Netflix and other apps also show in the info part of titles that Atmos is available.


Hello @SamAshepak ,

Thank you, you are right, I can choose Dolby Atmos for Headphones with no error.

I will do some tests, especially in games, and let's see. I will share my findings afterward.

But I have to say, it is possible to do it but if you click on "configure", you can see, it is only stereo , so I have to investigate if surround works correctly with this option. As I mentioned above I will definitely share my findings, anyway thank you very much for your findings!

Right now, I am using 5.1 surround and I can say that it works nicely, but it is not Dolby Atmos.

So Dolby Atmos for Headphones is not working, also the output signal/format is not Dolby Atmos, at least according to the soundbar/tv.
Also, I can confirm that during my playing, it is just stereo. So I switched back to  5.1 surround.


Atmos for Headphones should work. That's not real Atmos though.

Adept I

FYI, answer from AMD:

Thank you for your response.
Thank you for providing the details
The issue that you are experiencing is reported to our driver team.
Currently, our engineering team is looking into the issue please wait for future driver updates.
Thanks for contacting AMD


@haslldid you ever get a response? This has been an issue for me for a while now with a 6800 XT

Adept I

Unfortunately, still nothing since the initial answer above.

Adept I

I submitted a ticket as well. Hopefully this is something they fix quickly.

I noticed that the driver date under System / Sound / Properties is 6/8/2022 and is provided by AMD and the driver date under Device Manager is 5/6/2022 and is provided by Microsoft.

Either way, if I am reading this correctly, the driver is nearly a year old which makes me think that AMD does not really have an interest in fixing this issue.

Adept I

the problem exist since RX6000 Series... i like AMD but next GPU will be a Nvidia again. tired of all the problems that dont get fixed in years.

Adept I

whats happening with it?  I'm in the same boat.  Although having investigating a bunch I'm completely unclear as to where the issue lies. 

I'm seeing here that it is an AMD issue.  Great, hopefully they pull their thumbs out and fix it.... although it looks like they've known for 4 months now and nothing has been forthcoming. 

But i've been looking up and apparently Windows (or the Dolby Access /Atmos software) only outputs Atmos as PCM, not bitstream.   And it is bitstream that needs to be supported for eARC to work ?!

I'm assuming eARC is what you are using?  So it could be Samsung or Windows/Dolby or AMD that is the issue here. 

I'm frankly a bit out of my element here, but it is really annoying me right now as when i was connecting my PC to the AVR directly , Atmos worked flawlessly. 

No change. Also, I can confirm this still exists with the 7900 XTX. I wanted to go Nvidia due to this and the VR performance but I got too good of a deal on the XTX and decided to give it a try.

hey! Any luck on this? 

I just got a 6800XT, and same issue as everyone here. I can play the Atmos demo from windows and the AVR switches to ATMOS, so I'm not sure what's really going on? 

I was with Nvidia 2070S and 0 issues, and now this comes up with AMD. ffs.

Not applicable

The problem you face is, your CONTENT is NOT DOLBY ATMOS. DOLBY ATMOS requires 9-13 channels bluray AC3 audio lossless AC3 format.. so maybe just over or equal to 660kilobits for 5.1 for older DVD AC3 might need a higher bit rate by a third or more again per channel? i dunno a netflix DDplus 7.1 stream uses about the same really. the ATMOS hardware speaker systems chip and technology will then give you output for height speakers at 19-21 channels of discrete separate channels and specializes in ceiling filling the room with high frequencies for bullet whizz surround sound noises in war movies or bird calls in the forest to sound more positional. 

I suggest you try the following option A and option B. KODI.TV website and media player app. and or DAUM potplayer app mediaplayer. Then get some DOLBYVISION and DOLBYATMOS TV cinema trailer/preview demo clips in highest quality. search some 8k TV demos with DOLBY ATMOS.  then play back with a configured DAUM POT PLAYER using the additional codecs installed during installer and use maybe WASAPI EXCLUSIVE MODE.. test with exclusive mode disabled too and HDMI/SPDIF enabled passthrough. You will want to select your RENDERER and your OUTPUT renderer WASAPI both i suspect but directx/directsound may work better depending on a few factors. you could do a similar setup with kodi but the DAUM has a AC3 live rencoding output you can test first and use the hardware acceleration and D3D 11 renderer and FFDshow to play it back. It should output just fine assuming your TV input has an 8K HDMI cable 2.1 and HDMI 2.1 ARC to your ATMOS RECEIVER. The dolby access headphones app is so your multichannel blurays will more correctly DOWNMIX the ATMOS tracks to stereo, or can play back stereo mp3's to your receiver in a way that it sounds less stereo and more all speakers but isnt ideal.

nvidia and intel are fake and not computers not maths.. the reason they sort of pretend to work with dolby audio is your HARDWARE sound receiver from denon or pioneer or onkyo whoever it copies it into the AV receiver and the receiver hardware chip does it.. literally mount it in linux drag and drop files into it. IS HOW ITS **bleep**ING SUPPOSED TO WORK! when i find the **bleep** faces that are **bleep**ing with our graphics cards realtime hardware encoding/decoding.. argh.. because fake hardware like nvidia and intel cant even use audio at all like the same REALTEK audio chip from the AMD card.. INSIDE the nvidia card.. doesnt have maths doesnt have a computer isnt 0 latency.. its audio sounds like tin can cheap $2 USB stick mp3 player off ebay 4GB. Because thats basically what your intel CPU and nvidia GPU are. If you ever buy real AMD from the AMD store.. and manage to configure it and USE THE HARDWARE.. well you're in for a treat. But yeah simply using a printer or a sound system with DOLBY decoder hardware.. means nvidia and intel drag and drop the file into someone elses hardware that physically exists and isnt fake software bull**bleep** turds cheap trash. So if you mistakenly thought your nvidia not hardware before worked.. well it wasnt. your SOUND SYSTEM hardware does.


Well, you can be on your high horse how much as you want, but I'm playing bluray 4k versions of LOTR, and those are indeed ATMOS TrueHD of about 120GB each. Kodi logs state that TRUEHD isn't supported by the hardware trying to decode it (AMD 6800XT on latest drivers)

Having said that, rolling back audio drivers to the ones from 21.5.1 seems to fix the issue right away, so I have to have a mix of video with the latest update, but Audio drivers from a year ago. 

Hope AMD fixes this crap ASAP.

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OOOH if you are playing back with a bluray CD ROM disc drive for PC ROM or writer or using an ISO image file of it.. you MUST purchase a bluray playback devices and enable HDCP and ensure that HDCP and HDMI have certain prerequisites in security. You NEED TO COPY IN A SPECIFIC SECURITY DLL that can only be purchased to playback and passthrough in higher quality for bluray disc format. its hollywood security. CYBERLINK powerDVD or similar need some DLL file name that comes with a purchase unlock of it and to use DRM rights management such as googlewidevine and that otherone i forget .. in your OS and browser.. you can check for support maybe in edge://flags  in your edge browser. 

BECAUSE of hollywood **bleep**s securing their content in obscure pay to play it back on PC ways so you cant pirate it easy or copy it out like that with passthrough without encryption which they maybe pay crypto miners to crack for them.. You should download a standard TV/movie cinema HQ demo trailer like the start of the movie where it says THX the audience is listening vvvrrrrrrrrrrrmmmm. but you know for dolby atmos.. like that uhh leaf one or whatever in a .HEVC or .mkv .webm video file container format. it cant be passthrough or played back if its not HEVC for 10bit and other things. So there are some prerequisites on the trailers file format and source material and AC3 stream muxed in. it should be quite a large file size for a few seconds like a rainforest or thunderstorm one maybe? 

Use that with DAUM potplayer WASAPI exclusive mode for output and input renderer and ensure you enable the SPDIF passthrough in it.. use D3D11 video renderer.. that should do it.. i think.. theres a heap of cool stuff in daum you can fiddle with. streaming services avoid this by lowering quality and not using true quality hardware passthrough they fake it all with software and use partial hardware not COPY THE FILE IN DRAG AND DROP. like how all hardware is supposed to function. which nvidia and intel cant ever at all so they hide it behind fake software with their fake cheap mp3 player like trash computers.

Adept I

hey, not sure if this is still going on for you but I """""solved""""" it on my 6800XT  you can roll back to drivers
21.5.1, and then only update the video portion on device manager. Not sure how to do it with the Adrenalin suite though.

I saw your reply above. I have never even been able to get the Atmos demo to play in Atmos with AMD. Now I've switched to a 7900 XTX because I couldn't justify the extra $300 for a 4080 so I don't think 21.5.1 is even an option for me now.

Perhaps you can rollback to the AUDIO portion of those drivers, it's really possible that the 6XXX and 7XXX share the same HD audio driver.


I'll gladly share mine from the 6800XT which got atmos to work. Email is

Community Manager

This is an issue we are aware of and are investigating. When I have a further update, I'll update the discussion. 

if you or the R&D team need anyone to help troubleshoot/test anything, please by all means let me know.  I'm happy to help get this issue resolved. 

Good to hear!!! I can also provide any logs or files requested, just let me know. I have a 7900 XTX now but still have access to a 6800 XT if needed. 

hopefully we dont have to wait long for that, also after the new update my hdr is broken and it doesnt recongnize my lg c1 as an hdr device.



That seems odd. It's still working on my C2, S95b, and Odyssey G7 with the 7900XTX and 6800XT.


Same Problem here with Sapphire 5700 XT. These Quality issues make me really sad. =((


Hey Matt is there something new on this? After the last update its also not working... =((

Community Manager

The issue is still under investigation. I'll be back to update the thread when I have any updates that I can share. 

Matt, it looks like yesterday's update resolved the issue. It took a while but thank you for getting this looked into and fixed. 


Hi, on my 6800xt both Dolby and DTS are missing under Spatial Sound setting, reinstall driver is not helping... Hope you guys can solve this issue : D

Adept I

I found a work around till they fix it but i doubt they will


Use 2 hdmi cables one for the tv and the other for the avr, 1st hdmi cable supply picture to tv and 2nd one supply audio to avr


You will find all speaker outputs in sound options working flawlessly again

Journeyman III

Commenting here to keep track of the issue. I'm experiencing the same symptoms with a AMD 7900 XT.

Journeyman III

Also replying to keep track.. 

How has this not been fixed in over 6 months. Im genuinely bamboozled and mildly infuriated, this costs hundreds of people hours of wasted time for Such a basic Feature on a 1000$ product


Whoever is in charge of this needs to be woken the f up. Get your **bleep** together 

Journeyman III

I created an account so I could post a reply stating I have the same issue. AMD 6650XT, not able to enable Atmos.  

Adept I

Hey @Matt_AMD we are all getting impatient can you please give us a status update? And please don't write that you know about the problem and you are looking for a solution. It would be nice if you could give us a date by which the problem will be solved.