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Journeyman III

Auto detect driver for ryzen 5 3500u

Hi , I have a laptop with ryzen 5 3500u I just formatted it but at the time of downloading your tool auto detect driver the page are 2 days that does not 'start the download. I can understand that you have disabled for gpu but for a laptop that serve various drivers does not seem very correct, please I need that tool

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Auto-detect is for people who have no clue what graphics they have. People like you who know which graphics they have select their drivers.


and they get the correct driver >

Thank you for the answer, and not only the graphics driver but I also installed other things the tool Auto Detect that exploited the processor in games in a normal base 2.1 GHz boost 3.7 GHz , now currently I installed the graphics driver and the chipset but the processor does not go beyond 1.2 GHz even if I put in power maximum performance. I do not know what to do to have the processor in a normal way with its right frequencies...