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Adept III

ASUS X670E + Intel Thunderbolt = FPS Drop


PC: CPU 7950X3D and M.B ASUS X670E Pro Art

Took me months of troubleshooting till I found a solution in ASUS forum.

All details in link below:


Before Windows 11 August Update the issue was only trigger when opening Monitoring software or benchmark program 3DMark when collecting information.

And sometimes after pc in sleep mode the issue may trigger with entire pc lagging for a minute.

Below HWMonitor will get stuck at PCI analyzation and in that moment my pc freezes for 30 seconds because of Thunderbolt Intel Driver



ASUS still since release refuses to fix major issue with Intel Thunderbolt driver.

Youtube Video regarding FPS Drop

Windows collect hardware information after 5 minutes from opening the game which will cause the FPS to drop then after 30 seconds to 1 minute stop as you can see in the video

opening any Monitoring software after that will be instant without getting stuck in PCI analyzation.

And after multiple clean windows format I confirm if I paused windows 11 update after format, FPS drop won't happen in any game unless I update to Windows 11 August cumulative update.

The solution for now to:

To turn off thunderbolt in bios as recommended by ASUS support. Refer to ASUS forum link above!


What I am currently doing is to uninstall Thunderbolt Controller 1137 and select delete driver with it.


at least USB Port C will still work instead of turning it off through Bios.

Driver not updated even before the release of X670E motherboards, and they don't care about fixing it.

Screenshot_20230906_132910_Samsung Internet.jpg

Paid 500$ for broken Thunderbolt Port.  

I hope AMD can do something and force Asus to wake up.

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Journeyman III

This was driving me crazy, thank you so much for the fix!

Journeyman III

I Created an account just so I could say I have been in the same boat, however - took me a week of super late nights and going through everything on a brand new build...Asus doesn't even have all the newest drivers on its own app - let alone website. I had the same issues and it was always on hardware scan parts of software -and in multiplayer games with anti-cheat (I suspect it does a system scan).

- I fixed it by changing the power settings to untick the "allow the computer to turn off this device to save power" and no issues in any game since. 



I was going nuts trying to figure it out.

Hope this lets you use it and gets rid of the FPS drops. I haven't had the time to share my experience and saw this!

I reinstalled the driver and disabled power management, and everything is working normally.

Thanks for your reply.