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Journeyman III

AMD Ryzen Balanced power plan missing in Windows 7 x64

After installing the latest chipset drivers (18.10.0601) I'm still missing the AMD Ryzen Balanced power plan in Power Options in Windows 7 x64 cz (Czech).

I've tried it also in Windows 10 x64 cz and there the AMD Ryzen Balanced power plan appears in Power Option, after installing the chipset drivers but it is in some strange language (the AMD Ryzen Balanced power plan), which definitely isn't Czech.

The PC is a MAGNUS ER51070 (Ryzen 5 1400), 32 GB (2x16) Crucial DDR4 2400MHz memory, Samsumg 960 Pro SSD.

All drivers, BIOS etc. are the latest.

I've also tried to install directly from the unpacked archive RyzenPPM/RyzenPPM.msi, it asks if repair/remove/.. the package, so the package is installed but no AMD Ryzen Balanced power plan in Power Options.

Here are my questions:

How do I make AMD Ryzen Balanced power plan to appear in the Power Options?

For instance, is there a pow file I can import using powercfg?

Or can I export the profile from Windows 10 and import in Windows 7?

Meaning is the profile the same for the different variants of Windows?

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