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Journeyman III

AMD Radeon 530 Constant driver Timeout

Hello mens, i have this Dell Inspiron 5570 Laptop with:

Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-8550U CPU @ 1.80GHz 1.99GHz:

RAM: 16 GB

Its a 64-Bit OS..

I had no problemos for the past 3 years, but i guess it started after some driver update that i downloaded from the official site..

At first i thought the timeout is caused by the overheat while gaming (Temp goes to around 90°), so i changed the thermal paste.. my all time temps had a drop and the fan speed slowed down as the old thermal paste was dry, but this timeout issue didn't.

After like a few minutes of GTA V on normal graphic settings, i get this "We detected a driver timeout has occurred on your system", 

I can't play other games aswell, i even crash while trying Roblox ;-;
Every game that uses my graphic card crashes/freezes n crashes after a few mins, i have to disable the graphic card an use the normal intel graphics to play
I've tried the clean and reinstall driver method using the DDU method, i even used the selecting STANDARD graphics settings..

DDU'ed and currently use the older version of the driver .. v20.8.1

The Amd graphics settings are set to the very normal ones, i still get this annoying timeout.

After changing the thermal paste, i get 80-86 Degrees temperature.. i don't think thats really the issue, but if it is.. tell me it.

Posting here with a hope that i get rid of this timeout issue in the end

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Google how to change TdrDelay and TdrLevel, see if it helps. 


Didn't work, driver still crashes after a few mins of gameplay.


Have you tried lowering the GPU frequency in the driver settings?


Yep, lowered it already, doesn't help either


Try using "AMD Cleanup Utility" instead of DDU and go back to the old version again

Adept II

Friend, I have good news for you. The last decent driver they made was 20.8.3, tries to make use of the DDU, and does a clean install. You will no longer have problems with a black screen, with a crash, or with errors. The company does not know or recommend drivers for its customers.


Hey i downloaded that version i tried to run a game it was loading then my laptop froze any tips? ps:My power brick gives 20V=3.25A


New problem Memory_managment.

Journeyman III

Hi . Did you find any solution for this issue?


Hi if you still getting driver timeouts i suggest you to change your Core Clocks frequency, when i looked up in the internet it's normal capacity without the overclock is 720MHz something and can go up to even 1024 but for some strange reason it works on a default 920MHz or something which is really weird a lot of people get driver timeouts because of this or their driver throttles. My computer was overheating and i was geting constant driver timeouts before i lowered it to 750MHz and the thing is the game performance didn't even drastically change i only get 3 or 4 fps lower but now it's not overheating and i'm not getting any driver timeouts so i definitely advise everyone who has problems with this card to drop their cards core clock. 

And a note, i changed it on msi afterburner but at start i couldn't change it i don't know why but after unplugging my laptops battery and plugging it again i could change it i don't know exactly why but i won't do any bios updates or something incase changing the frequency gets locked again.

Adept II

amd have its official cleanup, ppl don't need to use DDU which isn't better than official ones, but i think it is much older