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Journeyman III

AMD graphics driver crashing issue

CPU: ryzen 3 2200g
GPU: sapphire pulse rx 580 8gb

Just casually browsing or gaming, I would get a split second of freeze, into a black screen and back to the normal screen with the message "Radeon software host application has stopped working." I have tried AMD's cleanup tool to do a clean reinstall of graphic drivers, with no improvement. How to troubleshoot this problem?

To note: i am not able to monitor gpu in task manager, although device manager is able to detect rx 580.

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I've had the same problem. What fixes it for me is to reinstall the latest driver with a factory reset and deletion of saved precepts. I can always fix my black screen crashes in this way.

You do a factory reset / clean install in the beginning of the AMD graphics driver, and after this, let saved precepts be deleted.

Note: and this is important. After the first reinstallation and restart of your computer, if you are lucky, the black screen issues may be resolved. If not, black screen crashes will continue. What to do then is to reinstall again with a factory reset and deletion of saved precepts and restarting the computer. This reinstallation for me has always fixed the black screen issues for me, and sometimes I have had to reinstall up to three times after each other before finally, the black screen crashes went away.

For example, just yesterday I had to reinstall the latest driver because of black screen crash issues after updating Windows, and I could not fix the issue with the first reinstallation, but had to repeat it one more time, and then it finally worked. I don't know why.

Note: I have had to reinstall the driver in this way for up to three times before the black screen crashes went away, and it may be similar for others, so it does not hurt trying doing it even more times if your issue is not solved.


Ok, while playing around my computer a bit, i found a temporary solution. If you open radeon software, and keep it opened, the graphics driver crashing seems to stop. I don't know why, but the driver doesn't crash anymore if i have radeon software open. What do you mean by deletion of saved precepts?


Strange how we all find solutions that are different from each other and that seems to work somehow.

And as to your question, if you do a reinstall of the latest drivers with a factory reset, and pay attention to the box that pops up afterwards, you will understand what I mean. Delete your saved precepts when you are doing a factory reset / clean install and reboot the computer.

You said your system is now stable. Did you perchance reinstall the drivers also beforehand?



No, i did not reinstall any drivers for my solution. it is very weird that if i close the Radeon software, the graphics drivers will crash again randomly and repeatedly. 

Adept I


I also have an APU 4650g and I dont have a graphics card. I also sometimes get that 2-3 seconds crash only when I start playing a video in the web browser. I think its hardware acceleration related. Does your crash happen for videos too ?

I think your crashes happen when you use integrated graphics in web browsing like me. You could solve your problem temporarily because you auto switch to external graphics when you open radeon software.