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Journeyman III

After updating the driver to 22.8.2 1 fps the computer

Hello, what should I do if, when updating the driver to version 22.8.2, I have lags when playing any video in the Windows 10 player and obs, my mouse moves as if 1 frame per second.

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Either DDU and reinstall the drivers. Or if it appears to not work properly with your system even after reinstalling, attempt to use the WHQL driver 22.5.1 and see if the problem still exist. That's the first thing I'd do.

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Adept II

Yeah, 22.5.1 is the best bet at least for me right now. Anything after that, I open up Parsec or heaven forbid Melvor Idle and suddenly their windows start flickering, that's the sign doom is on the way. 1-10m later KABOOM goes the GPU drivers, hard reset. Baffling that the issue persists for three? months now.

Then again, I have to use 3rd party software(dxvk) in order to get decent performance in any game(Everquest lawl) that isn't DX12 on my 6800XT. People don't play older games anymore, why support them! Thanks AMD.

Journeyman III

I have the same issue.

I can't go higher then 22.6.2. I installed 22.9.2 two days ago. Clean install worked flawless for 2 days. Today I got the 1 fps issue again.

Had to go back to a last restore point.

But because there is no crash I'm unable to send a report to AMD. How do we inform them abou this issue?