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Journeyman III

after installing driver 18.7.1 my monitor turned black

Graphics card: AMD Radeon rx 570 | Monitor: Lenovo 65A6-HB1 60hz dvi-d + vga | Windows 10 64x | Driver: 18.7.1 crimson adrenalin | Motherboard: gigabyte GA-F258M-HD2 | BIOS: american megatrends inc. F2 | CPU: AMD A10-7580K Radeon R7 | PSU: EVGA 700W | 16G RAM |

About two weeks ago i hopped on my computer and loaded up Fortnite. I then got a pop up from AMD telling me about a new driver update. At the time i had the 18.6.1 adrenalin driver installed. Everything was working fine so I thought if i installed 18.7.1 my games would run smoother. But as soon as i started installing 18.7.1, my monitor turned black. I know this usually happens when installing new drivers so i waited 10 minutes and nothing came up, so i switched my dvi-d cable to my iGPU and saw that 18.7.1 installed. I then tried plugging my dvi-d cable back in to my graphics card but nothing came up, it was still just a black screen. I've tried a lot of things like running my PC in safe mode, uninstalling and re-installing drivers, reseating almost everything in my PC, testing on another monitor, and using multiple DVI-D cords. I am lost and have no idea what to do please help