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Adept II

Adrenaline 2020

I noticed a serious improvement to Radion Relive after the most recent update to Adrenaline.



The UI has been completely redesigned. All game interface works flawlessly. I'd say AMD really did a complete 180 on the broken Relive platform. I like this new edition far more than the old version. Thank you AMD!.

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Adept II

It's always nice to read a positive things about Adrenaline 2020 in the sea of bad experiences. 

I don't demand much from people who work hard to provide a free product, so I'm never disappointed. They really did a great job. I was even able to stream live video using this version when other applications such as OBS and Cyberlink completely failed. I had to step down the quality from 1080p to 760p because of my pathetic 1.5Mbps upload speed (No thanks to Frontier Communications...), but it provided far better upload ability than the others. I think it was also more possible since my computer is all AMD and Adrenaline is built for AMD.