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Adept I

7900 XTX Resolution scaling issues. Driver or Graphics problem? DX11/12?

Hey everyone.   This problem started when I played Battlefield 5, but its starting to rear its ugly head on other games. More info later in the topic at hand.

SETUP:   Sapphire Radeon 7900 XTX GPU,  AMD 5800X3D CPU,  EVGA 1000G 1000W PSU, Corsair 3200mhz 2x16gb RAM, WIN 10 (64bit),  TV Samsung QN90B, 

When I first got the card, I had updated everything for drivers including the window's drivers as well.    The game was playing great, resolution was at 4k with ultra settings and the resolution scaling was at 100%. I was able to play all the maps normally but after a couple of days, I started seeing problems. I started to play the map Fjell, Battlefield 5.  When the map started to transition into a snow/blizzard storm, the sky went black until the blizzard was in full effect.   then everything was normal.  and when the blizzard transitioned to normal conditions...the sky turned black again and everything went to normal graphics after that.   
It was after that, the game started to take a turn for the worst.  I started to see my games colors turning blue and green and the screen flashing.   
after some very long tinkering, I narrowed it down to the resolution scaling inside the game itself.   The game wouldn't be doing the green and blue effects when i dialed down the scaling to 75%, while still keeping the resolution of the screen at 4k (3840x2160p).   
it also got to the point where even at certain times below 75% the screen would produce tiny dots of color.  

Anyways, my point is, its really making my game unplayable.   
Here's 3 youtube vids of me reproducing the effect!  So you can have a better understanding of what's going on here.  

Clip 1 Resolution scaling 74% to 82% 

Clip 2 Resolution scale 100% to 80% settings all low 

Clip 3 Resolution scale 80% to 70% 

Clip 4 in-game graphs  

Hoping an Admin or Someone can forward these clips to the developers or crew for this situation  

I know the 7900 XTX is a new GPU, so i'm hoping for an update on drivers or a fix really soon!   


ALSO NOTE: I DO NOT HAVE MSI AFTERBUNER RUNNING FOR THIS GPU!  In fact it doesn't even support the GPU.  and I've also tried turning the resolution down in the game, while it did help a bit, i was unable to get it to 100% resolution scaling.   I've also tried turning off Freesync and DX12 it still was reproducing the same effect.   
I also did the MPO Disable trick. and it still persists with this problem.  I also have a brand new 8k HDMI cable hooked up. 
One other note is even sometimes when NOT playing a game, and just browsing the web/desktop, i would see intermitted flashes of tiny clusters of pixels appearing.   

one other thing is I am playing on a TV, NOT A MONITOR, So i do not have the chance to run DP cable to the TV.   

ALL Drivers were installed cleanly and did the DDO driver removal to ensure a clean slate was done.  
I hope my GPU isn't going on the fritz for me.  it would be a shame if it did. 

I also have a DXDIAG Text file ready for an ADMIN/DEV if they need it, i can email it to them.    

One other note I found was that, I tried to play Path of Exile with all max settings, I was also getting the flashes of light, on DX11 setting, until I switched over to Vulkan and everything went away and ran so so smooth!  
Just something of note there.    

Hoping to get this issue sorted. 

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Adept I

additional update to add to the problem:   When I set the game to Fullscreen or borderless, with full 4k 120hz settings, the game will glitch and turn different colors...

but when i put the game into windowed mode with full 4k 120hz settings, the window will shrink down to a smaller size and act normal with out any glitches or artifacts or green flashes in the game.   how ever, the moment i click and drag a corner of the window PAST a certain point, it'll go back to green flashes and artifacts and glitching.    

PLEASE HELP I'm about to cry here   


I know this is a bit late but maybe still useful. I have the same problem on BFV with a 6950xt on the map Fjell and other bugs in BFV related to AMD gpus that are not fixed and probably will not be fixed. There is also a bug where the game will crash if you use the scope on the M3 infrared on AMD gpus. So these are just bugs in BFV and not your gpu dying. The rest of the problems you mentioned, I really dont know. Im sorry.