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Adept II

23.2.2 Driver Install fail for AMD RX 480

So for now I did a factory reset and reinstalled the driver 23.2.1 and it installed successfully and everything, my computer is now working fine again.

I am using Windows 10 64 Bit Home edition, with 2 AMD RX 480 graphic cards (2 to be precise)

Upon installing, as I always do a factory reset on install no matter what, because I find I get way less issues long term like this, it restarted then once the installer restarted itself again it says failed to install or something like this and points me to the below link:


So naturally I followed what it said, I checked windows update and nothing was going on what so ever. So I started the whole process again but this time I paused Windows updates after rebooting and I stopped automatic driver updates via instructions here. I still got the same error upon installed and thus I can't upgrade to 23.2.2 anyone know whats going on here? Is it a driver bug? Shall I wait until the next driver update and try and update to that instead? Or shall investigate further? I want to avoid DDU if possible.

I just don't know what to do next here? Do I report it as a bug to AMD and wait it out until the next driver update? Or do I take extreme action, e.g. using DDU , reinstalling windows 10 or something like that?

Also please let me know if you are having similar issues.

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Adept II

I resolved this issue by simply just updating to 23.3.1 after uninstalling 23.2.1 first. Note for some reason the installer of 23.3.1 does not allow to do a factory reset on the installer but all other installers do, I think this may be because of these previous issues perhaps?