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12 Days of Christmas - Day 12 Giveaway!

Hey Red Team!

Ho, ho, hold the phone - is it already Day 12 of our 12 days of Christmas giveaway?! These days have really flown by (and boy did I have a hard time keeping the puns going... 😅).

Our team has had a blast putting this together for this wonderful community, and we appreciate you all sharing and joining in each day! Without further ado...

You have 24 hours starting now until December 24th at 12 pm CST for a chance to win:


Entering is easy, just follow these steps:

  1. Reply to this post by sharing the best Christmas (or any similar holiday) gift you've ever received!
  2. Hit "Reply" and that's it! 



Good luck and happy holidays everyone! 





*NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Open to legal residents of the 50 United States (D.C.) and Canada, 18 years or older members of the AMD Community forum. For Official Rules, including odds and prize descriptions, visit AMD Red Team's 12 Days of Christmas. Void where prohibited. Sponsor: AMD, Inc.

1 Solution
Community Manager

Day 12 has come and gone, Red Team!
@Sam_AMD, @Amber_AMD, and I all want to thank you all so much for sharing so many wholesome, funny, and all-around wonderful comments throughout this giveaway.
I know we and all our partners who helped us put this together are grateful for each and every one of you, and it's great we could end 2022 on a high note.

As always, I'll update this comment once our winner is confirmed, so keep an eye out!
Thank you all again and happy holidays!
UPDATE: Congratulations to @mik3655 for being our randomly selected Day 12 winner! Thank you all again for having some holiday fun with us!

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131 Replies
Adept I

In 2009 I asked for a remote car starter, instead I received my kitten Angel.

Still waiting for a remote car starter, but Angel was the best give ever!

Adept I


Sanguinum Immortalis
Adept I

An Xbox 360 when they were scarce. My mom waited outside Best Buy all night because we just happened to have been driving past the line when it started forming.

Adept I

My Wife giving me a Oculus Quest for Christmas when it came out. Experiencing Beat Saber for the first time was amazing!

Adept I

Have to go with my first NES, combined with Final Fantasy and Dragon Warrior/Quest, hooked me on gaming.   I've found enjoyment and friends through my love of gaming for many years and still do.

Adept III

XBox 360+ Halo 3!

Adept II


Dalek Hoodia and some dr who shirts and a dalkes collectors set

Adept II

The best gift I have received was the first Xbox! I remember opening it up Crash Bandicoot!

Adept III

The priceless look on family faces when they think you will not be able to make it for Christmas, and you are able to genuinely surprise them.

Adept I

Mattel vertibird. Played with it till it stopped working.

Adept II

 Super Nintendo with Street Fighter II

One of my good friend's since High School was upgrading his computer a few years ago. My boyfriend offered him cash for a couple of parts including the tower, but our friend said not if it was a gift for me and in return my boyfriend would give him free tech support. They worked together and surprised me with a nice upgrade that Christmas. It was a night and day difference playing games like Guild Wars 2. This was the custom Christmas card I was given that year with a cute little Quaggan from GW2.



Adept I

Nothing beats cash!


Z rims with Philwood hubs and Comp II Tires for my Redline MXII BMX bike when I was a kid. 

ThreeDee PC specs
Adept I

The best gift I ever received was when my local church took me in out of the cold and fed me after my mom passed and I found myself homeless that same year, Thanks to them i'm still here 8 years later.

I read this about a hour ago and hit the like button.  I am trying to get way to much done in much to little time but it hit close to home & stuck in my head so I am back here to say "Thanks!".  It helped tune in what is important and shorten the list.  I am beyond grateful there are so many wonderful people out there willing to help folks.  I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and that the new year is among the best ever.  

Journeyman III

Mine was just like that gif.  Got my N64 but mine was the bundle with Goldeneye and the atomic purple controller which was all encased in a giant clamshell plastic which made the whole thing 3 times bigger than the N64 box. Still have it.

Adept I

Believe it or not, a Nintendo 64 with zelda ocarina of time.

Adept II

I think it was an AMD Ryzen 5950x for a work/game at home build during Lockdown!

I was buzzing!!!

Adept II

a lot of pokemon cards!

Adept I

My first computer of course. It wasn't a Birthday nor Christmas gift. Mother worked from home and had a computer in the house. I annoyed her enough playing with it that she finally got me my own computer. This was summer 1988.

Adept I

It was the year I refused to tell anyone what I wanted. It was a rough year, and I knew the money would end up going towards gifts for the rest of the family. I got a pair of socks and an even better memory to cherish.

Adept II

trip to japan

Adept I

I work once, years ago on a toy warehouse distributor, and for those that work overtime every day, they let us pick from a rejected stack, bags full of toys. So that year my kids and my nephew got bags full of toys.

Mary Christmas to every one.  🙂


Adept II

My gaming PC

Adept II

Crossman pellet rifle ... YOU'LL SHOOT YOUR EYE OUT!  (thankfully not)


Adept II

Christmas eve, 41 years ago, at my future family's celebration and dinner, I asked their daughter to marry me, and she said yes!

Adept I

to be honest probably just some money as a kid didn't really have any big gifts

Journeyman III

Pikachu Edition Game Boy Color with Pokémon Yellow. Started at 25 year fandom and the memories of sitting on my grandparents couch next to a lamp playing it until I feel asleep on christmas day will stay with me forever.

Thanks for the giveaway AMD!

My old NHL dartboard, it's falling apart now. Still using it though 🙂

Adept II

Best Christmas gift is seeing my kids enjoy Christmas, better than any gift i've gotten personally.

Adept III

As sad as it sounds, I never really got anything good for Chrismas... times were different back then... but at least I am trying to do my best for my son!

Volunteer Moderator

Underwear and socks. It sounds lame but knowing I'm going to have some fresh socks is the best. 

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Adept I

The original NES with Super Mario Bros. as a hand-me down.

Adept II

probably ps1, it was amazing at the time

Adept I

Well that's easy. I was blessed with a second chance at marriage and family a few years ago. I was blessed to have an amazing, younger philippina woman decide I was worthy lol. Two years ago, on Christmas morning, I was blessed with a wonderful bouncing baby girl. Tonight we are watching mummy movies and snuggling on a cold winter night , sitting beside me tonight is that amazing bouncing baby girl (yes she is still bouncing lol)((and jumping on the bed hehe). At 4:17 a.m. , Dec 25th 2020 She arrived,and it has been amazing ever since. So in a day and a wakeup she turns TWO and she now has a bouncing 5 month old baby sister to keep her bouncing along lol....

So anyways,, these are my best Christmas gifts ever...Because of these treasures I cannot do a new system but wouldnt change anything, even if I could...

my best Christmas present was getting the Star Wars Land Speeder and Luke Skywalker action figure

Each new Christmas you get to spend time with your family and friends will always the best gift of them all...

Adept II

I used to get excited about presents when I was a kid, but that faded in my teens when we had a family business that was struggling, and despite not always being able to afford gifts, Mom always made the holidays feel special with a nice home-cooked meal, with friends and family at the table.

Earlier this year, a friend of mine asked me to take a test to determine my "love language", and not surprisingly, spending quality time with people ranked first for me, and gifts were dead last. I wonder if that could be traced back to realizing that the magic of Christmas was never really about what (if anything) lay beneath the tree. 🙂