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12 Days of Christmas - Day 12 Giveaway!

Hey Red Team!

Ho, ho, hold the phone - is it already Day 12 of our 12 days of Christmas giveaway?! These days have really flown by (and boy did I have a hard time keeping the puns going... πŸ˜…).

Our team has had a blast putting this together for this wonderful community, and we appreciate you all sharing and joining in each day! Without further ado...

You have 24 hours starting now until December 24th at 12 pm CST for a chance to win:


Entering is easy, just follow these steps:

  1. Reply to this post by sharing the best Christmas (or any similar holiday) gift you've ever received!
  2. Hit "Reply" and that's it! 



Good luck and happy holidays everyone! 





*NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Open to legal residents of the 50 United States (D.C.) and Canada, 18 years or older members of the AMD Community forum. For Official Rules, including odds and prize descriptions, visit AMD Red Team's 12 Days of Christmas. Void where prohibited. Sponsor: AMD, Inc.

1 Solution
Community Manager

Day 12 has come and gone, Red Team!
@Sam_AMD, @Amber_AMD, and I all want to thank you all so much for sharing so many wholesome, funny, and all-around wonderful comments throughout this giveaway.
I know we and all our partners who helped us put this together are grateful for each and every one of you, and it's great we could end 2022 on a high note.

As always, I'll update this comment once our winner is confirmed, so keep an eye out!
Thank you all again and happy holidays!
UPDATE: Congratulations to @mik3655 for being our randomly selected Day 12 winner! Thank you all again for having some holiday fun with us!

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131 Replies
Adept I

Money, to be honest.


Original nintendo.

Adept I

A ski trip! Great fun!

Adept I

Time with the family is the best gift as you get older!

Adept II


The best I've ever received (as a kid) was an electric guitar.  I didn't think my parents could afford it, but I asked for it anyway.  All Christmas morning they tricked me by giving me other gifts, and then finally they pulled out an electric guitar.  I was THRILLED!

As an adult, the best gift I've received is a pellet grill, which I'm currently using right now to smoke a turkey.  It gets a TON of use, more than any other gift I've received.


probably my xbox 360 with dead rising back in...2006? such a fun game πŸ™‚

lets talk about rtbh99
Adept II

PlayStation 2 🀩

Adept III

colecovision with ladybug game .. i still have it in my closet

Adept I

My first PC!

Adept II

A Gameboy with Pokemon Blue. Think I ran around the house 10 times screaming.

Adept I

AMD Ryzenβ„’ 5 7600X CPU that I'm going to win now πŸ™‚

Jokes aside, RX 6750 XT my wife got me for birthday earlier this year. I can't really recall much of the earlier gifts.

Adept II

Nothing. After years of giving nothing I'm finally receiving nothing. There's too much mindless consumerism in the world. We are all going to suffocate on useless junk. And people spend way beyond their means causing so much stress and heartache.

Adept III

My best gift was my son.
Recently was a Asus TUF RX 6900 XT at the mining peak

Journeyman III

My First Ever (Proper)PC in 2010. handled everything I threw at it. still have the Lil buddy today!

Adept III

A Nintendo DS. Feel bad for regifting it years ago since I've wanted to play some of the Pokemon DS games recently.

Adept II

A Fitbit as a holiday present from my significant other. Wore it every day for a few years, such an awesome reminder that someone cares for your well being. Still have it after 6 years and I don't have bad days when I wear it πŸ™‚ 

Adept I

A cool adventure weekend just last year.


The best Christmas gift I've ever received? I'm pretty sure it's got to be all those lumps of coal I keep getting.

EDIT: They're good for heating the house.

Adept I

Was just a small favor, but meant a lot to me at the time...

Adept I

A Commodore 128. Amazing stuff back then.

Adept II

Lots of hugs!

Volunteer Moderator

The best Christmas gift was the 'Big Bruiser' tow truck toy (1960's era) that used a lot of D cell batteries to power the horn and lights.  I loved that truck.

Yes, I found a picture!Yes, I found a picture!


As Albert Einstein said, "I could have done so much more with a Big Al's Computer!".

Nintendo wii

Adept II

It's always impossible to pick the best anything, but I think the most memorable was an R/C car.


The best Christmas gift I ever received was my GameCube. It wasn't the GameCube that made it so special though, it was the countless hours my Mom and I spent playing Animal Crossing together. It started with Animal Crossing on the GameCube, then it moved to AC: City Folk (Wii) and later to AC: New Horizons (Switch). It was the connection with my mom that made it so great.

Adept II

I've been given tons a nice gifts over the years, but the birth of my youngest son a few weeks prior was the best one I've ever received. It was a troubled pregnancy, but it all ended up just perfect in the end. 

Adept II

The original Game Boy

Adept II

our first home 

Adept II

I'm so happy to share this story with the community. So being a PC enthusiast it's hard for our 'loved ones' to really understand our particular 'craft/niche' most of the time, they're unaware of the brands, terminologies, etc.

I had recently upgraded my PC, but could not purchase the most 'important' item which is the graphics card, my mother, the sweetheart that she is was able to gift me the money I needed for the component, which at the time was the Radeon 390X, ironically I never shared that I needed that card, but somehow she knew. Purchasing the card at the time came with 3 games if I can recall so that Christmas was well spent!

Adept III

Honestly, the best gift I ever received is being a father.  To be able to watch my son be able to open presents with a smile on his face. It's hard to put a price on that. I am grateful for that. It also doesn't hurt that we all game in the house so we'll spend Christmas beating each other up on the switch or playing valheim.  Happy Yule everyone!

Adept III

The best Christmas gift I ever got was probably the Nintendo Entertainment system back in 1986. It was for both my brother and me but it's had me hooked on games ever since.

I just packed mine up, was for the Nephews and Niece when they visit, now they all grown up, Playing on PC's now 

Adept I


Adept I

Definitely the Xbox 360. That was such a big upgrade over the og xbox with Guitar hero :guitar:. I spend all my time on that thing, couldn’t wait to get out of class during the day. I woke up at 6:00 to play before school 

Adept II

The original Gameboy! 


But celebrating with family is better.

Adept I

My dad & mom bought me a complete set of ice hockey goalie equipment one Christmas when I was 16, first time with new goalie equipment since I was five. Used equipment every year until this one. I was shocked, and cried with joy. I'm still goaltending twice a week all winter every year, 62 years later and loving the game.



 street fighter 2 SNES


Late 1960's,  Dad sold a couple of loads of hay to a doctor and basically traded it for a nice used billiard table.  Our home became the community center for that small town.    

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