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Poll - How do you feel about Marketing Content in the community?

Hello to my favorite team (Red Team, of course)!

As many of you know, time and time again we continue to learn more about our community and your interests – so we have another poll for you all! This one is in regards to Marketing Content being posted in the community - things like GPU/CPU bundles, deals, offers, and things of that nature.

As always, you can vote by visiting the Off Topic Discussions category, which you will find on the right side of the page (and at the bottom of the page for mobile users). Remember, you have to be a registered user and logged into the platform to vote!


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4 Replies

As long it isn't  SPAM I don't have an issue with marketing AMD Promotions and hardware or software in a separate forum at AMD Forums.

Easy way for Users and future Users to see what new AMD Promotion is available and which AMD hardware or software might be on special or heavily discounted.

Hopefully, Spammer won't take advantage and start opening Spam threads.


I don't mind them at all. Helps with knowing where the slick deals reside!

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If it's AMD related, I'm cool with it.

If it's some spambot posting about car bumpers, kitchen cabinets or some other potential scam. Terminate it with extreme prejudice.

Performance over Pretty.

It will quickly degrade and take away from the functionality of the platform

Always does, no exceptions

I cannot think of a single instance of a well made ad layout lasting over time.


Beyond that, it's an affront to the type of person who frequent forums like this. Think of a rock concert being hosted by a Library. Yeah you might get some benefits out of it, but you're also likely going to alienate your historic user base

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