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New to the Community? Introduce Yourself!

Hey Red Team, 

Recently, @petosiris came up with the idea to have a dedicated thread for members to introduce themselves and get to know one another. I LOVED that! 

So, moving forward this post will be the dedicated place to comment and get to know one another - especially if you're new to the community. πŸ˜  You may be thinking, what do I even tell people about myself? Don't worry, I went ahead and created some thought starters you can copy/choose from below: 

  • What's your favorite video game you're currently playing? 
  • Favorite food? 
  • Are you a PC or laptop gamer? 
  • Are you a dog or a cat person? 
  • What hobbies do you have?
  • What was your first car?

Of course if you don't like any of those questions, you can share your own fun facts or any story you'd like. Have fun with it and I can't wait to get to know you all a little more. πŸ€—




Your friend at AMD
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Hi Amber! I mostly draw comic characters and cartoon characters but am trying out new things also. I drew this picture of cosplayer HendoArt a while back! 



Oh wow, that is so awesome -  well done!! You should make a post in off-topic discussions showing off some of the awesome art you've done. πŸ™‚ 

Your line work and shading are awesome and would love to see more! 

Your friend at AMD
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Journeyman III

  • What's your favorite video game you're currently playing? 
    Been playing World of Warcraft since '05 - Currently: Level 70 Assassination Rogue named Zakk (Windrunner)
  • Favorite food? 
    Pizza, lasagna - almost anything good! No avocado, garbanzo, or salmon, please!
  • Are you a PC or laptop gamer? 
    PC. Have a laptop for when I travel (limited), but it's a Celeron and can't play solitaire well.
  • Are you a dog or a cat person? 
  • What hobbies do you have?
    WoW, driving, working on my car, cooking, reading, apologetics
  • What was your first car?
    '64 Falcon Wagon [1980],
    then '65 MGB (loved that!) [1981],
    then '85 Toyota Celica [1985] that I drove until 2020 when I got hit by a drunk
    Now an '07 Prius [2020] (and a '90 Miata [1998] that isn't currently running)

I really want to upgrade my desktop, as it's old in PC years, and want to stick with Ryzen/Radeon. I need to wait till I have more disposable cash, but hope it's soon. My current PC:

  • Ryzen 5 2600X, 6-core
    • 16GB RAM
  • Radeon RX 570
    • 4GB GDDR5
  • Samsung 1TB SSD
    • Multiple other HDDs and Flash drives
  • Windows 10 (current MB doesn't support Win 11)

Hi @JimKSoCal - welcome to the Red Team! 

I'm shocked you don't like Salmon!! That is one of my favorite fish... I think you may just need to have someone make you a really good salmon dish haha πŸ™‚ 

Also, you have been putting some TIME into WoW! @Wally_AMD also plays, so maybe you guys can chat about that at some point πŸ™‚ 

Your friend at AMD
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I've been playing WoW on and off since Vanilla/~'05. Currently have a 70 resto druid and a 70 BM/MM hunter. I don't raid but did a lot of Mythic+ in Season 1 (hit 2500 pugging as a healer).

Haven't tried the new patch, though as I'm currently taking a break.

Journeyman III

New here, and to AMD actually, I previously gamed on the other guys stuff, but my laptop shut off one day and refuses to show life anymore sad really, now I have a ROG Strix Advantage edition, honestly I am trying not to freak that I spent 1500 on a laptop that doesn't perform, so any advice would be much welcomed on how to reset up my rig to prove it's worth. It has a Ryzen 9 5980HX, with Radeon RX6800M. 32GB Ram, stats wise this should be a great laptop, but it doesn't perform nearly as well as my old one did with lower stats.

Hi @xANUBISx, welcome to the AMD Red Team! We're happy to have you πŸ™‚ 

I recommend making a post about the issues you're having with performance in our support forum. Other members that have that laptop or experience with them, may be able to provide some tips.

For full transparency, laptops can be a bit tricky since they're made by another brand. Another good option would be looking into ASUS's forums or reaching out to their support directly since they manufactured it and could provide more tips than we can. 

I don't have much experience with laptops as I do with PC's, but sounds like you may have to adjust some of your settings within the games you're playing to cap FPS and things. Sometimes more powerful computers seem like they're not doing as well because they're trying harder than the game can handle if that makes sense. πŸ™‚ 

Your friend at AMD
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Journeyman III

  • What's your favorite video game you're currently playing? Jedi survivor
  • Favorite food? Japanese 
  • Are you a PC or laptop gamer? PC all the way
  • Are you a dog or a cat person?  Dog
  • What hobbies do you have?way too many collecting hobbies
  • What was your first car? Holden

Hi @Lancer91gsr - welcome to the community! 

Collecting hobbies are so fun! I love seeing how people showcase their collections too... what's your favorite one that you have so far? 

Your friend at AMD
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Adept II

Hello everyone, I hope you are all doing well. I have been using ATI / AMD products since the early 2000s and I have been a fan of the line up, recently picking up a 5800x3d and a used rx 6800 reference card (love the look as it reminds me of the mid to late 2000s, please make more like this AMD, instead of generic black looking cards). I have them paired in a mini tower that I am quite proud of building and I will be sure to share some pictures. 

As for the questions, here are my responses:

  • What's your favorite video game you're currently playing? 

Currently working my way through Hogwarts Legacy and I am really enjoying it.

  • Favorite food? 

Chicken fingers with plum sauce πŸ˜‹

  • Are you a PC or laptop gamer? 

PC gamer though I do have an AMD laptop for on the go gaming.

  • Are you a dog or a cat person? 

I actually prefer birds after taking care of two of them for 10 years combined.

  • What hobbies do you have?

PC building πŸ˜€. I actually do enjoy building budget systems and tweaking them for the best performance vs power used and heat generated.

  • What was your first car?

2005 Nissan Sentra. I miss driving stick shift cars. 

Welcome to the community! What kind of birds do you have? I've also thought they would be nice pets.

If you haven't already, you should head over and check out the PC building discussions. πŸ˜€

I took care of two cockatiels, both gray, and both female ones. The first one I had for over 10 years before she passed away and the second one about 3 years before I had to put her up for adoption when I had to move to a different part of the country for work. 

Journeyman III


Game now played ATM: The Outer Worlds

Fav Food: Basic home comfort type meals

Desktop gaming.

Dog Lover.

System ATM:


Welcome to the community! 

How are you enjoying The Outer Worlds? It seems like a fun game, but not sure if it's for me. I love Action/RPGs!


The Outer Worlds has action and RPG and good different levels. There is going to be a another second game maybe this year or the next. It's a good game. The story is good and entertaining.

I'm going to have to add it to my list then!

Adept III

Just finished my first AMD build. Ryzen 5 5600, Gigabyte RX 6800 Gaming OC and 32 GB of CL16. I have been incredibly impressed with the system performance across a handful of games at 1080p and 1440p. Looking for something fun to play. Anybody playing anything really good lately?

Grats on the Red Team build! πŸ˜ What kind of games are you into? I'd be happy to try to make some recommendations. 

RPG, FPS, Racing, Sports and Sims have been my main, but honestly, anything good. If there's anything new that you have really enjoyed, I'm listening πŸ€™

If you're into horror at all, I'm currently playing through the Dead Space remake and loving it (I love spooky games). The Resident Evil 4 remake is next on my list.

Aside from that, Apex Legends is a classic that I'm getting back into after a long break.

@Sam_AMD is a BIG racing/sim guy, so hopefully he can chime in with his favorites there.

hello @EMoney129 , welcome to Red Team! 

Like you, I enjoy FPS, RPGs, Sports...and Sims! If you are into racing sims, have you tried Assetto Corsa Competizione (ACC)?

It's by far one of the best GT Sims I've played. Check it out:

And here is one of many videos: 

From the physics to the graphics, this sim has it all. It plays well with an analog controller, enough to get you to "think" about building a full-blown sim setup (I'm still negotiating with my wife about getting one πŸ˜…). 

Again, welcome to the Red Team! 

Your biggest fan!
CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 5800X3D GPU: AMD Radeon RX 6800XT
Journeyman III

Howdy folks .. been building pcs since the early 90's,  and gaming.machines since really the very first enthusiast video cards existed. 

  • What's your favorite video game you're currently playing?   Currently watching last epoch mature towards 1.0. it's a fun isometric arpg, and is coming along nicely.
  • Favorite food?  Sushi. Almost any variety
  • Are you a PC or laptop gamer?  PC gamer. See above.  Current rig is a 5900x on b550, with a 7900xt driving a 34" pixio 1440p display. 
  • Are you a dog or a cat person? Both! 
  • What hobbies do you have? PC building, gaming, motorcycles.  


Sushi is something I want to get into, but it kind of freaks me out... lol. Can you recommend any rolls or types to try for first-timers?

I would start with something like a California roll... Familiar textures, and nothing too out there.  You can work your way up to sea urchin, and fugu. 

Yesss!! I agree with that recommendation. Also, you could do a spicy California roll. Some of them have a spicy sauce and crunchies all over them and it makes it have some flare πŸ™‚ 

Also, one thing to pay attention to is real fish over imitation. Some people don't love how imitation fish tastes, but I don't mind it if the sushi has a good amount of fixings on it πŸ™‚ 

Your friend at AMD
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Journeyman III

Hello everyone, I am usually not keen on joining any new sites or such but I am curious about what I might do here in this lovely community, let me answer some of those questions real quick.

  • What's your favorite video game you're currently playing? 
  • Deus Ex: Human Revolution is the one that comes to mind, although I love Cyberpunk 2077
  • Favorite food? 
  • Chicken Shawarma
  • Are you a PC or laptop gamer? 
  • PC for sure, it's been 20 years since I got my first PC, never needed anything else
  • Are you a dog or a cat person?
  • Neither, I am not great at taking care of animals and such. 
  • What hobbies do you have?
  • I wouldn't call them hobbies anymore, I turned them into my work, I am a digital painter, and I write novels and poetry as well.
  • What was your first car?
  • I never got a car, and probably will never get a car, I am unable to drive after I had a stroke, I have had three strokes in fact, I am just happy to be still around.
  • Why did you start gaming?
  • To experience stories and see things that I will never get to see, I am chronically ill, gaming has helped me in many ways and still helps me even after so many years.

That's about it, I hope that wasn't too much sharing on my part, I get confused a lot when interacting with people in general, but I am happy to be here.

So happy to have you join us here @bassem. We have plenty of members from all around and of various ages, so you'll fit right in!

Gaming has helped me get through plenty of things in my life too, and I'm grateful for the friends I've made through it. What genre of novels do you write? I always thought writing is a great creative outlet. 

I have been writing a sci-fi conspiracy thriller novel for the past 5 years or so, this is by far my most serious work, and I still have a lot to write, hopefully, I will finish it soon, fingers crossed.

I have written a lot of short stories in different genres, but sci-fi is the closest to my heart.

Journeyman III

Hey gang, I've been building and playing with computers since 300 baud modems were somewhat acceptable! First machine was an IBM XT 8088 640KB of ram, 20 megabyte hard drive and a green or orange 320x240 display...

Man how far we've come! 

My current machine was built as a memorial to a very good friend of mine who passed last year and showed me the ropes of building computers. It wasn't planned to start out that way, but after his passing, that's what it turned into.

Phanteks Enthoo Pro ATX Tempered Glass Case

AMD 5950X 

Arctic Liquid Freezer II 420 AIO

32gb G Skill int F4-4000C18 

Asus X5790 Pro Wi-Fi

Radeon RX 6900XT (Merc 319 Red Devil)

Corsair 2tb mp600 PRO XT Nvme primary

Samsung 870EVO 2tb quick storage

Samsung 850EVO 512gb x2 extra storage

Toshiba 3TB spin HD bulk slow storage

Corsair RM850x modular PS

Winblows 11 Professional 

Stuffed my Bluray burner and 2 sets of USB3.2 headers in the front. 

Pretty happy with the benchmarks when I ran it in February of 2021...

I ranked #4440 out of 309808 computers.  Considering I wasn't playing server grade hardware, I think I built a pretty stout box that can take anything I can throw at it with 3 32 inch 4k 60 displays. 


Here's to you Sarge! I'll carry the torch from here. 20230313_233229.jpg


comp parts 4.jpg


comp parts 3.jpg


comp parts 2.jpg


comp parts.jpg


comp parts 5.jpg




Very much like the stealth/grownup build. I appreciate RGB, but it's frequently too much. Very sleek and classy rig πŸ€™

Love the setup! I always wanted to play around with a triple monitor setup, but I don't have the space... πŸ˜‚

Journeyman III

Hello to all. Currently has an all AMD system with 5800x3D and 6900XT for the PC.

  • What's your favorite video game you're currently playing? 
    Legend of Zelda - Tears of the Kingdom!
  • Favorite food? 
    Coffee, lots of Coffee
  • Are you a PC or laptop gamer?
    Why not both? Laptop is great for traditional lan gaming at friend's place
  • Are you a dog or a cat person? 
    Cat person.
  • What hobbies do you have?
    Scale model building, Lego
  • What was your first car?
    Mazda 3

Thanks for introducing yourself! I'm currently making my way through Breath of the Wild. How are you liking Tears of the Kingdom so far?? 

@Amber_AMD@Sam_AMD, and I love Lego. Any cool models you own?  

Journeyman III

  • What's your favorite video game you're currently playing? 

Borderlands 3

  • Favorite food? 

Pumpkin pie 

  • Are you a PC or laptop gamer? 

Definitely PC

  • Are you a dog or a cat person? 

I've owned both, but I lean towards cats. I do like dogs, though. 

  • What hobbies do you have?

Building PCs obviously. Also I used to build vacuum tube guitar amplifiers. I play the guitar also. 

  • What was your first car?

1972 Saab 99E. My friends in high school gave me a ration of crap about my "Swedish sports car."

The first computer I owned was a Dell Dimension 4200, circa 2001. It had a single core processor and an AGP graphics card. It came with Windows XP. It lasted me until 2010 when I built my first computer, i5 750 cpu, and the other brand of graphics card. I bought Windows 7 Pro to install on that PC. With a few upgrades, gpu, more ram, SS drive, that computer lasted until 2019. My newest main computer started out with a Asus B450 motherboard, Ryzen 7 2700 cpu, and the other brand of graphics card. 32 gigs of memory, Samssung NVME main drive, Corsair power supply, Phanteks case, ADATA ram. I recently upgraded to an Asus B550 motherboard, Ryzen 7 5700x cpu, G.Skil ram. I just got a Sapphire Radeon RX 6700 xt to replace my aging graphics card. It's killing me because I can't install it yet. I had shoulder surgery about a month ago and I'm not supposed to lift or reach with my arm, which is still in a sling. I need to add a cpu cable to the power supply, replace the old card and remove and replace the grapics drivers. I can't do any of this because I need to take the case apart. 

Right after I built my system in 2019, I got bit by the computer building bug. Since then, I've put together several systems using various AMD parts. Mainly to play my old Windows XP games. Buying old parts was a good way to learn about all the technology I missed out on from 2001 to 2019. The old Radeon cards work great with Windows XP.  I've got an R7 350x low profile card to install in my Windows 7 machine. It started out as an HP 8200 Elite. It needs an SS drive and the video card and should be ready to go. I got an R7 250 low profile card to install in a Dell Optiplex machine which runs XP. I got it on Craigslist cheap. 


Ah, man - I'm sorry to hear about your arm! Hopefully the recovery is quick and painless so you can get back to upgrading your rig with that Sapphire GPU!

I'm curious, what kind of old Windows XP games are you playing?


Thanks for the positive wishes. Unfortunately shoulder surgery takes a long time to heal and is painful. Once my left heals up (at least 3-4 more months, I have to get the right one done. 

I'm really jonsing to install the Sapphire as my old 1660 ti runs really hot. Also I need the AMD card installed to redeem my free copy of The Last of Us. 

I was playing old school Diablo 2 (crappy 800x600 graphics), Harbinger (Diablo in space), Sacred Gold, Halo CE, Space Hack, Hellgate London, Divine Divinity, Jedi Outcast and Jedi Academy. I also have Titan Quest, Two Worlds, FEAR and Prey to try out with my new, more powerful systems. The 4 aforementioned never did run on my old Dell.

Oof, yes that sounds like it can be rough. Well, I hope it's as painless as it can be considering the circumstances. Sending all the positives vibes your way!

Those all sounds like great games - seeing D2 in there already gets a thumbs up from me. I'll have to look up a lot of them though!

Journeyman III

Looking for good info on a new build any recommendations on which mother board and prosser to start with. Not my first pc build but looking to build a powerhouse for my grandson


Kind of the wrong section to be asking, but answer me this: What does he play, and what's your budget?

Performance over Pretty.

Hey @odell2217 - welcome to the community! πŸ™‚ 

I recommend posting in our Part Recommendations discussion, including what you plan on using the build for and what your budget is like Axxemann mentioned. 

We have many great folks in here who will have tons of thoughts to share! 

Your friend at AMD
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