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Journeyman III

Want to Update my amd processor driver

Hey, I was trying for a few days to run the blender on my laptop. But it did not work. Then, I figure out that on task manager, my system is not assigning CPU to blender. Then I search about it and found that my laptop has "AMD A6-5350M_APU_with_Radeon(tm)_HD_Graphics" Processor and driver version is "10.0.19041.2251" and the Date is 4/21/2009. This is a very old driver. I searched for the latest driver version of this processor.  But unfortunately, AMD moved it to a legacy support model and no more releases. Only I find the latest driver release in 2016. Now I want to update my processor driver. So I can run the blender application. I download "Radeon Software Crimson Edition Beta" for my laptop. It has Windows 10. But when I click on the download .exe file. Nothing happens. Just an Error showing system is able to find the file. I have tried different ways but still, it not fetching this file. I also install the AMD auto detector. But it is also not detecting this. It just update my chipset driver. Can someone help me to figure this out? is it possible to update my processor drive? Or my machine processor is not able to install this version. if not then what version can I install for it? So I can run the blender. 

Thank you!

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