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Simple Displacement 100% CPU Hang with Adaptive Subdiv macOS RPRv17239

Can anyone else confirm this bug for me? Blender crashes if you change Subdivision from Level to Adaptive + Displacement is on. Also that for some reason changing Subdiv to Adaptive on the right hand panel (For the object data) also changes it for the material at the same time as if they are linked.


Displacement_Test_17239_v1.blend - 554.71 KB

Blender doesn't actually crash. It just goes into 100% CPU and won't break free. I tried it with Uber and I don't even get this far before it locks up. Hence the really simple diffuse shader just to isolate the bug to Level or Adaptive subdiv.

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So I don't see that but switching the displacement type it doesn't subdivide actually at all after switching for me.

And they are linked btw

Finally tested the file. Can not get it to crash on my system this session.

One thing I find odd is that subdivision seems coupled to the object and NOT the material. If I make a new object and apply the same material, all subdivision setting for the material has been changed to defaults. It is almost as if the object settings are exposed in the shader and has no coupling to the material and just is there for convenience. I find it confusing.

Also. If I make a linked copy (alt-d) of a cube in the scene the renderer will die with "ERROR" (but I have reported that separately if I remember correctly)