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Journeyman III

RX 570 Eevee engine Problem

i have an RX 570 graphics card and since a while Eevee  engine isn't working at all, every thing is on alpha in the viewport and in the render tab.

i would love to receive a fix ASAP!


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This is a USE$ TO USER forum. You are not talking to AMD support here. None of us can update drivers. 

In Radeon Settings there is a Bug Report tool too you can submit the issue or

You can contact AMD support here:

Good Luck!


File a bug with Blender.
Eevee is broken on RX590 as well with Adrenalin 2020 20.11.3 driver and the RX590 is used as a Display driver GPU.


Go for 2020.4 xxx stable/recomended version of drivers. they work on my RX580

Journeyman III

I've had this same problem on same card ever since I updated to 20.11.2, I've reported the problem multiple times but I see the problem wasn't fixed with newest driver version.
It's really frustrating not being able to work on my portfolio projects for days because AMD broke something with their drivers.


RX 500 series users for now on windows only have luck with the driver i mentioned, DDU your driver, install version and clear the shader cache from within adrenaline software, after that cycles and Prorenderer should work without issues.

RX 5000 series are fully dropped, nothing works for them (these series of GPUs are not recommended for anything other then gaming)


I use drivers for aug 2020. It works ok with eevee, but second time in my life I trusted to AMD, and 2 times of 2 they had let me down. No more AMD' GPUs i'll buy again...Never Ever