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RPR v2.0.32 macOS - Fur / Hair not respecting given Colour Value input

When a hair particle system is given a Noise Texture (or two) and a ColorRamp node with multiple colours as a material the expected output would be to have some kind of multi-colour pattern appear somewhere on the render. However with RPR v2.0.32 only one colour is selected from the ColorRamp and all the hair appears to be the same colour.

Child Hairs are present in the particle system.

A sample file is attached and a comparison with the eevee renderer is also included.

This is the final render for RPR from the sample file attached.


It took almost 10 minutes to render on a single WX 9100. It is impossible to render RPR Hair with more than one GPU at the moment (this is a separate bug though).


The shader network should produce a varied colour output as below (same material applied to a shader ball).


Here is what EEVEE makes of the same hair setup and material:


If Children hairs were the Problem this is what RPR renders without children hairs (single colour hair still):


Blend file attached.

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