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Journeyman III
Journeyman III

ProRender Does Not Render in Blender and Makes It Freeze (MacOS)

Hi, I am new to Blender and I'm using an iMac 2020. I tried your plugin, to use the GPU for rendering. I installed it, all good. I can choose it and enable it in Preference / Add ons. I can see it in Render Properties. I change from Cycles to ProRender. It automatically checks the GPU, all good so far.

Now... if I try to change my viewport to Rendered (top right options in Blender - the globe icons), unlike how Cycles work, ProRender will make my objects look as if they are getting lost in the background of the viewport. I can still click them and select them, but they look as if there is no light or material, even though I have a light AND materials. Like... it works perfectly with Cycles.

Also, as soon as I try to either change it back to Solid, or go back to Cycles or Eeve, that's when Blender freezes and I have to Force Quit it. 

I tried rendering an image and nothing is loading. All it does is freeze Blender again.

Thanks in advance for responding!


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