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Adept II

🔴Need Blender HIP CyclesX For Non RDNA GPU


Blender 3.0 has been released, and the AMD GPU is working fine, although there may still be some bugs.

But that only applies to RDNA series GPUs, and reportedly AMD non-RDNA GPUs / series before RDNA (polaris etc), will try to work in Blender 3.1 later.

I'm a non-RDNA GPU user, is there any good news about full support in Blender 3.1 later for RX5XX GPU series for example?

The current situation is difficult, GPU prices are very expensive these days. Not to mention the pandemic situation which has worsened the economic situation. we need to work in this difficult situation.

I hope, AMD can provide a solution that can help us, and also be able to expand their market for a wider purpose, not just dominate the game market.

If Bryan Savvery is working alone on developing HIP Cycles and Radeon Prorender, please add more developers to make it faster and more efficient.

I want AMD to be big, and become a favorite of all circles, not only limited to gamers.

Thank you, hopefully there is news and solutions about


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Adept II


Based information from blender developer talk about HIP project..

Hopefully the unfinished task list can finish before Blender 3.1 is released.

Come on AMD, don't let Bryan Savery suffer from this project alone. Add more paid developer to make AMD GPU more great after your ryzen & threadripper CPU got a big win.

At Blender Opendata, your CPU always stay at top rank. Now it's time to make your GPU reach to the top!!!


Hi, @HDFX 

now HIP support for non RDNA is under development, and not only Bryan Savery working on that. And try to use Radeon Pro Render when you waiting for HIP support.

Thank you


Thank goodness Bryan Savvery wasn't alone working on a project that was a big key for AMD's VGA.

I want AMD to be serious about this development, And can be the best solution for its users.

Hopefully in Blender version 3.1, HIP can support AMD VGA for non-RDNA, so that we don't spend more money at least for the next few years.

I don't care about performance, the important thing is that AMD GPU support for Blender can run fully. Performance issues, maybe it's just a matter of waiting for funds to buy an AMD GPU with a different series better.

That's all I hope, if I had more funds, maybe I would not make this post. Just buy an RDNA series gpu, problem solved.

But about this, I'm not the only one who's having a hard time, there are a lot of non-RDNA series AMD GPU users... and here I'm trying to fight for non-RDNA GPU users so they can feel the benefits in Blender those who are already using cycles x.

Good luck, I and other Amd non RDNA GPU users are waiting for the news of this HIP development.

Thanks in advanced.




Blender 3.1 is out.. surprisingly, AMD GPUs can only run Cycles X on the latest macOS platform with metal.

While the development of Cycles X on HIP, there is no news. AMD was successful with Apple, not with AMD itself.