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Journeyman III

Material Nodes in ProRender


I've noticed that not all of the material nodes that are available in Cycles are also available in ProRender. The ones in particular that I find useful are the wave, brick, and voronoi textures. While the voronoi texture is available, it only seems to work with the default 3D, F1, Euclidean options, and doesn't output anything if you change the settings. I discovered this because I happened to be in need of the 4D, F1, Chebychev options at the time, though the full suite of options would be nice.

My question is, is this a bug, or is this just a case of something that hasn't been implemented yet?

If the latter, are there any plans to add this feature? I'd also be curious about the technical details of how these would be implemented, if anyone is knowledgeable on the subject and would be interested in elaborating. Are the nodes tied to the engine? It makes sense that some of them wouldn't be available, but others, like the textures, seem like they would be completely independent of the rendering engine.

Along similar lines, is anyone allowed to contribute to the repo? I don't have much experience at all with large programming projects like this, but I do at least know how to program. I'm familiar with Python and did some work with OpenCV, which I feel some knowledge might translate to this particular case. I'd feel bad just asking for a feature to be implemented, so I wouldn't mind taking a look and seeing how I can potentially get involved with implementing this feature (if my free time allows). Would just need someone to point me in the right direction and show me the ropes.

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Journeyman III

I believe I have found a different, yet possibly related/similar bug (or unimplemented feature). As with the voronoi texture node in the original post, the image texture node is available, but not all of the dropdown menu options seem to be supported. By default, the node is set to "repeat" the texture. You can change this to "clip" or "extend," but changing the setting has no effect, and the texture will still be repeated.

Here's the material I was working on when I discovered this. Below is the expected output exactly as I desired, rendered in cycles.

Material outputs exactly as expected when rendered in CyclesMaterial outputs exactly as expected when rendered in Cycles

Here's the exact same material, with nothing changed, rendered in ProRender instead of Cycles. As you can see, the texture is being repeated, instead of being clipped when beyond the bounds of the texture, even thought the node is set to "Clip."

When rendered in ProRender, image texture behaves as "repeat" instead of "clip"When rendered in ProRender, image texture behaves as "repeat" instead of "clip"