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Adept I

Is Radeon ProRender still under development?

Yes, this is a serious question.  I have downloaded and installed it for Blender, but looking at the blog there has not been an update for over a year.  If this is the general rate at which it is being updated then it's unlikely that it will ever be as useful as it could be.  The version I have produces renders that look extremely good, and it produces them very quickly.  It also crashes Blender a lot and sometimes glitches badly, producing rendering faults that make renders unusable.  I continue to use Cycles as my main rendering system even though the potential of ProRender makes me think that it could take over if it receives a decent amount of developers' time.

Is there going to be a more concerted development effort, with more frequent updates?

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RPR working on render quality and performance improvements, you can follow to development process on GitHub

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Adept I

Does appear that AMD does not support their developers enough. Why are there never any updates on any RPR sites? Now that only one developer is responsible for HIP & RPR (Please correct me) AMD seems to be putting a half hearted effort into their Blender development support. This is comment on Management, not on the the sole developer (Correct me again) working on Blender.

RPR working on render quality and performance improvements, you can follow to development process on GitHub


Thank you.

Sorry it took so long to get back to you, but I only got the notification of your post today.  I found the weekly build page on GitHub a couple of days ago and some forum posts that made it clear that yes, Radeon Pro Render is indeed actively being developed.

Unfortunately though it isn't being plugged enough, so finding out about that is harder than it should be.  The rendering software is presumably meant to be an answer to NVIDIA iRay, which NVIDIA plug quite relentlessly in some places, as they should.  Since iRay is a few years older than Radeon Pro Render catching up and passing the user base needs a lot of effort.  Advertising its existence instead of hiding it would really help!  A large user base means more bug reports, which makes the developers job easier — as long as the team is big enough to cope, of course.

Thanks again, I am glad things are progressing, and I'll keep it installed for now and do some thorough testing once it works in Blender 3.1.0.  By then Cycles X and Pro Render should both provide GPU rendering on my Mac Pro, so the comparisons will be interesting.

It would be interesting to hear if any plugin for c4d is in the planning!