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Journeyman III

[Help] Support for GPU rendering with cycles in Blender 4 and RX560x


I have an RX560x gpu on a ASUS TUF 505dy. As such the gpu only contributes to spare weight as blender does not support any form of utilizing this. I have come to this community hoping for a to use this gpu for its intended purpose. It runs AAA games fine on windows but surprisingly does not seem to have support on linux. I have an archlinux machine and I am not scared of getting my hands dirty. Having spent months trying to get ROCm working to get CUDA support for for the bare minimum of AI workloads as well as bender, I really have not been able to make any progress to the same. Kindly help me get any viable form of utilizing this GPU.

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Adept I

Same here. I would also like some instructions on how to get Blender using HW accel on AMD on GNU/Linux.

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Journeyman III

ROCm 4.0 has discontinued support for GFX803/Polaris, so you won't be able to get HIP to work.

For Blender, the only option for rendering using those cards would be using Blender 3.6 LTS + Pro Render 3.5 or LuxCoreRender