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Adept I

Cant open blender because it thinks i dont have Opengl 4.3, when in reality i have Opengl 4.6

When i open blender it gives back an OpenGL error "Unsupported Graphics Card Configuration" 

"Unsupported Graphics Card Configuration
A graphics card and driver with support for OpenGL 4.3 or higher is required.

Installing the latest driver for your graphics card might resolve the issue"

When i install the latest drivers for my ryzen 7 6800HS with radeon graphics nothing changes with blender but davinci resolve stops working and gives back to me the same error saying that i dont have open gl 3.3 

i removed all of the drivers and reinstalled using amd-software-adrenalin-edition-23.11.1-minimalsetup-231102_web
which helped davinci but blender still doesnt work 

i have freshly bought rog strix laptop both of my Nvidia and AMD showing in GPU-Z that i have openGL 4.6 

i have a job to do please help me make my 1200+ euro laptop WORK 
ive never expirience that amount of headache 

// i was recommended to post here because someone might be able to help me with Blender even though im not using AMD ProRender //


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Adept I


i finally found a some sort of a solution to this "opengl bug".

I didnt really fix the bug, its still there and i still cant open blender BUT i only cant open the desktop version from the official blender site.

though the STEAM version of blender works perfectly well 

I have no idea why it works like that, and i guess i got really lucky that i can access the program i need through steam. But yeah i hope this would be helpful for people to use blender or for developers to locate the problem source

i dont know blender is weird sometimes is funny tho that it could run on a old laptop that had a celeron XD