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Can we PLEASE provide a link to download previous versions of ProRender?

            It would be massively helpful to have a way to get older versions of the ProRender for Blender plug-in.  For people like myself who have multiple machines, with varying levels of success using each updated version of ProRender for Blender you release, when RPR stops working or fails to work, I don't always have previous versions on hand on each machine to use for troubleshooting purposes, therefore I am left digging out old hard drives or booting up older computers to see if I still have the old installers in the downloads folder.   Although I try to keep every version of RPR on hand, it never seems to be with me, or readily available when I do need it (them).   We don't need anything "official", just a link to a git.hub page or a blog with some older links, even just the last few, or at the very least ONE version before a major update (such as the Full Spectrum update) which has been a bit of a hurdle for some people to get working smoothly.


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