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Blender "EDIT MODE" viewport artifact??? NOT a Prorender nor Eevee Rendered viewport issue.

There are a number of post reguarding view shading errors. Please unstand that I have read through most of them and I am not experiencing the same error. This is not a Prorenderer issue nor an Eevee viewport renderer issue.

Just recently (within last two weeks) built a new all AMD system, 5900X & 6700XT.  Prior to this new system I never experienced this type of issue on my old system running FX 8320 & GTX 970. I've posted this issue in a couple of Blender forums and the most logical reply suggest that it's a video driver issue. 

The Issue: Whenever there is more than one object in my scene with normals (object, filled shape, curve, image empty etc...) and I choose to edit any of those objects ("Edit Mode"), I get these odd shanding artifacts along the normals of the "UNseleceted" objects. If I'm not edited anything, everything looks fine no matter which viewport shading option I'm using. 



According to the Radeon Software Home tab, GPU drivers and software are up to date (21.9.1). Windows drivers are up to date and I'm using the lastest offficial Blender release (2.93.4).  I was not able to locate any viewport rendering setting in Blender that would correct the issue nor any combination of global toggle settings in the Radeon Software.

Anyone with any ideas???

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While streaming an awesome viewer told me about this setting in the Overlays menu. While in Edit Mode go to the Overlays menu and UNCHECK "Fade Inactive Geometry". It works and OMG this was so annying..