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Journeyman III

Blender crashes when using RPR

Whenever I switch to RPR as my render engine and I try using my R9 280x for rendering it works for a few minutes and then it just crashes, the task is completely terminated, no error message, blender just closes. This happens on all scenes when I use my GPU, it doesn't happen when using my CPU. It also hasn't happened to me in the viewport, just in rendered view or during rendering. When executing blender through the command line I get this at the moment of the crash:


I tried running blender as administrator and in compatibility mode, but it still crashes. I also tried reinstalling RPR and uninstalling the material library.

In the attachment is a test file, I just put in a monkey, subdivided it and gave it two materials, which caused it to crash after a few minutes.

In the second file I duplicated the monkeys, which didn't accelerate the crashing, so a more complex scene doesn't seem to affect the crashes

System details:

OS: Windows 10 home x64 build 18362

CPU: AMD Ryzen 3 2200G


GPU: R9 280X 3GB

Graphics Driver: Adrenaline 19.8.1

Running blender 2.8 with RPR addon v2.0.112 (core 1.34.1)

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I just tried to use Amd render pro for first time.  I tried to use it twice so far.

--First time, I waited  over an hour to render simple plane, then Blender crashed.

 Blender didn't create a crash log. 

--Second time, I waited over an hour, then it rendered a blank screen ,file size 20kb?

 It took over an hour but it said render time was 7 seconds?

 I tried looking into my windows 10 event viewer and only thing I could find was this;

The Desktop Window Manager process has exited. (Process exit code: 0x000000ff, Restart count: 1, Primary display device ID: AMD Radeon(TM) Vega 8 Graphics)

I have a onboard Vega 8 but Dedicated RX560X videocard with 4gig ram, 32 gig ram Windows 10.

I set preferences and render to use Radeon RX560X only.

Sounds like some kind of memory conflict somewhere?


Hello! GPUs from Pro and gaming series in some cases get drivers conflict (from my side it was RX 5700 XT and WX 7100) and that provides some not good results not only with RPR (in my case I get total system crash and for fix this issue I delete drivers from Windows recover menu)


I'm still fairly new to relearning Blender after ten years.  Anyways I started from scratch and did a simple diffuse render with Pro and it worked.  I've been trying to compare Cycles Vs Luxcore Vs Pro,  so far Cycles is the best for image sharpness, not sure why, I have to go thru all of the settings and find out.  I still find I need to make all three sharper somehow if possible, it looks too blurry.   Spent two weeks researching Blender blurryness and tried everything I could find, but it didn't make much improvement. I literally went thru every single setting and option in Cycles, and Blender but still find it too blurry. oh well, eventually i'll improve it.  As for image quality comparing cycles and pro, not sure yet besides sharpness seems better in cycles.