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Journeyman III

AMD ProRender 2.4.1: Blender Render freezes at frame 144

Hi, I am using AMD ProRender 2.4.11 on macOS Catalina 10.15.5 with Blender 2.82a. I render using AMD Radeon RX580 in an external enclosure. When I tried to render an animation with .png images as output it always freezes at frame 144. It happens regardless of what project I render (including the default cube). Every time when I start to render it will freeze at frame 144. If I restart rendering again I can predict that it will freeze again at frame 288 which it did. Initially, I thought it might be Blender's problem so I updated Blender to 2.83, but the problem persisted. So I have a strong feeling that it is the problem of ProRender since I did not have this problem with ProRender 2.3.4. 

Does anybody have this problem or a similar problem? What is your solution?

Thank you. 

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Hi! that's an issue already fixed and will be added to the future release, please follow to the news for releases and you can use temporary fix from this thread