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Adept I

AMD drivers for Ubuntu 24.04 (AMD GPU PRO for latest linux kernel)

I tried to install latest available drivers, but it failed.
So when you will release drivers for new Ubuntu 24.04. And Why you have so long time delay?

Note: it's needed for Blender HIP rendering.

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Journeyman III

I would also like to know this!
(Leaving a comment in case of update 😄 )

Journeyman III

I installed ubuntu 24.04 and i'm facing the same problem here

I had an advance using this repo:

After that i was issuing a problem envolving KMS version.

Now i'm facing software rendering as GPU and my second monitor is totally off! LOL !


Why is this so difficult to do on linux based systems ? 

I just gave up. I rollbacked to the initial state (amd-uninstall). Everything went "normal" again (system settings showing gpu hardware again and got back my second monitor)

Adept I

AMD will really have to be much better at supporting latest releases of *buntu and also other GNU/Linux distributions. Or even better they should just start properly supporting the better drivers included in Mesa 3D.

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Journeyman III

I've just got a new Thinkpad T14 with a video card: Radeon™ 780M Graphics
And Ubuntu 24.04 as OS.
I could not find any Ubuntu 24.04 drivers for this yet.
Can anybody help me with this issue?


I tried following jammy driver and luckily is working :

PS: of course, I prefer noble-numbat drivers if exists. 


The Ubuntu 24.04 have Linux kernel 6.8 with latest amdgpu drivers for your card - all should works fine except blender cycles rendering. This is topic about amdgpu pro that should be installed over amdgpu driver in kernel but at now latest available driver can't be installed because AMD still not release new drivers…