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Adept I

My First Build "Cloudy"

There's my pride and joy that carried me through the last three years !

CPU : Ryzen 5 3600 (that I hope to upgrade to the best that AM4 can offer)
GPU : RTX 3070 Founder Edition
MOBO : Msi B550 a-pro
RAM : 2x8Go crucial ballistix 3600 MHz 
SSD : 1 To Samsung 970 evo 
COOLER : Scythe Fuma 2
CASE : Phanteks P360A
PSU : Seasonic Focus GX-850w 

Monitor : Gigabyte G27QC (27" 1440p 165Hz VA)
Keyboard : Corsair k55
Mouse : Razer Naga Hex
Headset : Plantronics Rig HD 500

Face, offFace, offBack, cable managedBack, cable managedFace, onFace, on
The desk cable management is still in progress ^^''

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Volunteer Moderator

Ok, why do you call it Cloudy?  I see clouds in the wallpaper.....

As Albert Einstein said, "I could have done so much more with a Big Al's Computer!".