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Push the Boundaries of Digital Content Creation with GPU Rendering

Media and entertainment (M&E) is one of the most dynamic industries, with global audiences consuming more content than ever before and rising expectations for more variety and more compelling viewer experiences. M&E companies are in competition to develop new assets in a shorter amount of time, and they must accomplish this without lowering the quality of their work. The only way to achieve this goal is by adopting new technologies that deliver faster, more accurate graphics capabilities and bring the power of professional graphics to creators everywhere.  

Professional graphics cards are transforming what’s possible for entertainment. New technologies such as AI, virtual production, virtual collaboration, AR/VR, and real-time rendering are opening up new avenues for productivity and creativity. But which graphics cards is best? With so many options, available, companies need to be choosy, so their work doesn’t suffer.  

AMD understands that exceptional performance is critical to M&E workflows. We have spent decades developing a new generation of graphics to help you create incredible content while accelerating each stage of design, editing, rendering, and distribution. Our solutions bring a professional graphics experience to your fingertips with the ability to produce physically accurate renders and collaborate on them seamlessly. This is how we connect artists, creators, and directors to the apps they need to run—and it’s faster than ever.  

AMD Radeon™ PRO Graphics Cards are built to perform and enhance your content. Because M&E companies have strict deadlines to meet, these next generation graphics cards are designed for reliable speed, efficiency, and low latency to run complex visual computing workloads. Its unique GPU chiplet designs delivers massive boost in acceleration, so you can spend less time waiting for renders and more time enhancing your work. Plus, you benefit from GPU optimization and certifications with your preferred software to gain better application performance without the headache of learning new IT. Creative professionals across the industry are using Radeon PRO for their digital content creation, non-linear video editing, and VR needs.  

AMD Radeon™ ProRender can take these projects to the next level. Radeon ProRender is a powerful physically-based rendering engine that enables creative professionals to produce stunningly photorealistic images. Built on our high-performance ray tracing software, the engine gives you scalable, open-standards approach to leverage GPU and CPU performance from your remote workstations.  

In one success story, AMD partnered with a nationwide event that celebrates creative talent across cinema, games, television, and marketing. The World Trailer Awards, an annual award show for film trailers in the United States, faces incredibly tight deadlines to build show graphics and prepare for the production side of the event. AMD professional graphics cards play an integral role in their production workflows, enabling the massive agility they need to create, edit, and render a two-hour show overnight. The event can “throw anything” at their AMD solution with the confidence that it will maintain creative momentum and support a host of creators and their passions.  

AMD is empowering a new era in entertainment with our next generation solutions for M&E. We can help you accomplish more and with better results, so your ideas never have to wait for technology to catch up.  

Let’s bring your creative visions to life. Learn more about our latest solutions that can bring them to reality faster.