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How to Enable Game Highlights without Compromising the Gaming Experience on AMD Ryzen™ AI Processor?

Authors: Hao Li (AMD), Hui Zhang (AMD), George Wang (AMD), Jin Ran (AMD), Eddie Wu (AMD)


GamePP is an independent software vendor (ISV) that provides professional assistant tools for E-sports. Its solution focuses on hardware monitoring, game optimization, and acceleration, allowing players to easily grasp the CPU and GPU processor configurations, and to understand the operating and health status of the computer.


GamePP developed an application based on Ryzen™ AI, utilizing the AI acceleration of the on-board AMD NPU to deliver a better gaming experience on Ryzen AI-powered laptops. Running with the Ryzen AI, it is easy to execute object detection and When the player is playing a shooting game, with the help of the NPU, the program can automatically detect the target and help the player successfully complete a shooting action. Without an NPU, the AI workloads are run on theon discrete graphics cards. By moving the AI workload onto the NPU,The NPU can offload the AI processing tasks by reducing the compute load on the GPU.


In addition, AMD Ryzen AI software enables ISVs and developers to quickly build and run a variety of AI applications on Ryzen AI. The AMD Ryzen AI software includes tools and runtime libraries for optimizing and deploying AI inference on Ryzen AI-based laptops. The software is designed with high efficiency and ease-of-use in mind, unleashing the full potential of AI acceleration on Ryzen AI.



Figure 1 NPU User Interface on AMD Ryzen AI Processor



Figure 2 NPU Utilization Checking on the AMD Ryzen AI Processor


For ISVs and developers, this Ryzen AI software tutorial provides steps on how to train and quantize the YOLO model, then to run YOLOv8 efficiently. The model can also be easily adapted to legacy versions such as YOLOv5.  Also, the AI inferencing task can be offloaded from the iGPU, for better gaming experiences.


GamePP is also applying their software solutions to the game ‘highlight’ video clip generation. Utilizing custom models for the object detection in “shooting” actions, the application offers high-quality highlight clips for MCN (Multi-Channel Network) game live streaming. Furthermore, it can be scaled to include other highlight events in different games.



Figure 3 Gaming Highlight Moment by GamePP



Figure 4 More Gaming Highlight Moments