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Accelerating Our AI Business

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At AMD we believe the future of AI will be pervasive, positively disrupting virtually every industry and improving the products and services we use daily. Like the advent of the internet – which led to unforeseen progress in our daily lives including personal productivity, education, social media, streaming entertainment, hybrid work and more – AI will drive a tangible shift in how we use, access and collaborate with technology and the world around us.  

Enabling a future where AI is the new driver of pervasive technology for decades to come will require a significant increase in computing power across cloud, edge, client and end point devices. It will also require a broad variety of compute engines, including CPUs, GPUs and adaptive accelerators.

AMD is the only company with the broad set of engines necessary to power the future of pervasive AI, and we’re working closely with our partners and customers to make this vision a reality. Researchers recently used the AMD EPYCand Instinctpowered LUMI supercomputer to train the largest Finnish language model to-date, and are currently training AI models to detect cancer diagnosis faster and with more accuracy. The NASA Perseverance Mars Rover is using AMD Virtex™ FPGAs to bring AI and computer vision to a space exploration rover for the first time. And this month we launched the AMD Ryzen™ 7040U Series which features Ryzen AI - the first dedicated AI hardware in an X86 processor - bringing new capabilities to Windows laptops.

To continue to execute our broad AI strategy, help unlock the full potential of AI for our broad base of customers and accelerate this key part of our business, we’ve recently brought together multiple teams focused on AI into a single organization. Our new AI Group has responsibility for the AI strategy across AMD, including driving our AI roadmap across client, edge and cloud. That also includes growing our AI software capability, bringing together a unified AI software stack, AI models and use cases to drive AI capabilities across our broad product portfolio. 

Although we are in the very early stages of the AI computing era, the rate of growth and adoption is faster than any other technology in recent history. By uniting our teams under one mission and organization, we will accelerate our efforts – enabling a frictionless transition to AMD solutions for training while deploying industry-leading, scalable inference engines across our full product portfolio. We’re excited to help our customers recognize the incredible potential of AI and advance this part of our business together.