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AMD brings Multi-GPU support to ROCm 6.1 Software for AMD Radeon desktop systems


"With ROCm™ 6.1 open compute software, we are making AI development and deployment with AMD Radeon™ desktop GPUs more compatible, accessible and scalable with the addition of key feature enhancements - now enabling local and private AI workstation configurations for up to four users." - Machine Learning Development with AMD Radeon™ Graphics Cards

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I can vouch for Multi-GPU support working beautifully  on Radeon Pro GPUs. I've personally tested model inference and fine-tuning with up to 4x Radeon Pro W7900 GPUs and they work great after implementing a fix for a known issues here: For those wondering about ROCm support for AI Workloads including Multi-GPU support I gave a presentation in Paris, France last week on this that may be of interest: