MSI MEG x399 Creation - 8 NVME bootable raid 0 - Slow Performance

Discussion created by otison on Nov 26, 2018
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               Raidxpert2 is not picking up one of the drives from what I can tell.  I have managed to create an 8-disk bootable NVME raid 0 array.  Any more than that and I’m greeted with an error message, but I can make a second array.  The sequential read speed is far too low than what I have seen in reviews and online.  I am unable to reproduce the Iometer v1.10 readings I have seen.



I have tried taking out the on-board m.2 drives and creating a raid with just the Asus Hyper m.2 cards enabled.  This oddly only lets me make an array with 6 drives and automatically assigns one as a global hot-spare.


Der8auer and Linus were both using the Zenith board for these tests and PRO’s not EVO’s, but their read/write speed is virtually identical.  I did notice a boost when I overclocked the Ram and CPU, but it won’t go any faster than 10 Gbps reads and writes. 

Where is rcadm.efi ???  The documentation talks about installing from UEFI shell and to contact your motherboard or system supplier for the file?

BIOS:  Have tried v.10 , .11, and .12.   I have downloaded the beta-bioses but have not tried them yet.

I can’t tell if I am missing something obvious as to why I can’t get read speeds that should be higher. 

These raid cards should be balanced between the dies (0 & 1 in the manual)

A lane or block diagram for the MSI MEG x399 creation board might help shed some light, but I can’t find anything.  I am stumped as to why I get the same performance as three nvme's in raid 0 for reads compared to eight.


Please advise, Thank you.




CPU:  Thread-ripper 2990WX

RAM:  128GB Corsair Vengeance 2667 mHZ – 

Module Part Number:


GPU:  Two Titan V’s in PCIE_3 & PCIE_5 running at 8x

PSU : Enermax 1500W Gold Fully Modular PSU

STORAGE:  11 500 GB SAMSUNG 970 EVO Nvme m.2 – Eight of these drives are interfaced with two Asus M.2 Hyper Cards in PCIE Slots 1 & 4 running at 4x 4x 4x 4x and three are on-board.

Software:  AMD Raidxpert2, Windows 1809,

Cooling:  Custom Loop EKWB, ram, cpu, gpus