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    UHD 4K Netflix with Windows 10 using AMD RX480


      UHD 4K Netflix with Windows 10 using AMD RX480

      is this possible?

      Reports suggest this is possible using an Intel Kaby Lake device as that supports HEVC 10 bit.

      As the RX480 has on-board hw acceleration (DXVA2) which supports HEVC one would assume it is possible.

      With this configuration would you need to have an HDCP2.2 capable monitor (or TV) for this to work if at all possible.

      Any feedback would be appreciated.





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          I have a Dell XPS 8920 with an I7/7700 (Kaby Lake), an RX480 card running on a Cox ethernet connection with a 60 mbps download rate and an LG3259-B 4K monitor and could not get either Netflix or Hulu to play anything even even after running Windows (10 Home) Update, Dell Update and the AMD updater. Playback started and then stalled although not completely but nearly so. The installers had updated my AMD driver to Crimson ReLive Edition 17.7.2.


          After locating and manually installing Crimson Relive Edition 17.10.1 I can  now stream video from both Hulu and Netflix without problem, and can confirm 4K streaming for Netflix (I haven't tested Hulu 4K yet). Note that not much 4K content is available at Netflix with the standard $99 Prime account but there is enough to test it.


          It seems that the problem was the AMD driver. Hope this helps others with the same problem.