Bi-Weekly Beta builds of Radeon ProRender for Maya

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Note, these are beta builds.  Stable builds are HERE

2.6.317 - uploaded 5/31/2019:

  • Fixed a crash when removing emissive shader while interactive rendering
  • Fixed a crash with adaptive subdivision
  • Fixed artifacts on NVidia cards with curve objects
  • Double sided emission in Uber should work
  • Many fixes for maya fluid volumes
    • Support for input ramps
    • Pressure and speed inputs
  • Tile rendering support - render a large resolution scene by smaller tiles
  • Correct camera export in .rpr format
  • Portal lights are support for IBL and sun and sky.  Click on the create portal button and then select an object to make a portal light.
  • Option to export .rpr as single file
  • Added options for save .exr format from renders
  • Camera updates interactively in viewport
  • Fixed an issue of overzealously re-exporting shaders with each camera move.  This should make viewports more interactive
  • IPR and viewport use RPR "preview" option which gives faster initial iterations when changing items interactively.
  • Enable cancelling render with ESC key on macOS


2.6.323 - uploaded 6/14/2019

  • ML denoiser fixes.  Fall back to CPU on unsupported GPUs
  • IBL transforms no longer affect portal objects
  • Fixed issue with ML denoiser flipping output image.
  • Default "headlight" is not added when Uber emissive objects are in the scene.
  • Render View shows the render time after a render completes


2.6.330 - uploaded 6/28/2019

  • Correct object names exported with GLTF files
  • Add a button to create RPR Physical Light
  • Add optional checkbox to save AOV's in multichannel OpenEXR file


2.6.335 - uploaded 712/2019

  • Volume AOV renamed to Volume / SSS
  • Backplate images work correctly for tiled renders
  • .rpr export can be compressed
  • Meshes with 2 UV sets and using smoothing are exported correctly
  • Masks applied to xgen curves are exported correctly
  • Hairs with large number of control points are exported correctly


Thanks for helping test!

AMD RPR team


Installers are attached to this post

macOS:  RadeonProRenderMaya_2.6.335.dmg

Windows:  RadeonProRenderMaya_2.6.335.msi

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