Bi-Weekly Beta builds of Radeon ProRender for Maya

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Note, these are beta builds.  Stable builds are HERE

2.7.366 10/11/2019

  • DDS files are supported
  • UI improvements
  • Added frame number to render stamp
  • Removed Quality presets button from shelf
  • Added render stamp for IPR
  • Fixed a crash with blend material node
  • Fixed issue assigning material from material library
  • Added simple tonemapper
  • Fixed issues of image corruption when viewing AOV's in render and moving camera
  • Add Fresnel Approximation control to Uber
  • Some nodes were only working with textures connected, now work with basic colors
  • Color correction nodes were downscaling textures, fixed
  • Shadow catcher is no longer visible in reflections and refractions
  • Light sources in temperature mode could still use color mode.
  • Shadow Catcher "fringing" is improved
  • Fixed crash when connecting bump/normal nodes
  • Fixed crash when using ML denoiser and render region
  • Depth AOV normalization is removed
  • Viewport rendering works in CPU rendering
  • Fixed crash when importing scenes with RPR materials that are duplicated
  • Temperature color was applying sRGB conversion twice
  • Added Lens shift
  • Height and Blur of horizon (similar to Blender plugin) are added to Sun and Sky light
  • Default compression for RPR Export is set to level 1
  • ML Denoiser is improved
  • Fireflies when using an emissive material with high values is improved
  • Shading artifacts inside shadow of lights are improved
  • An issue with curves on macOS is improved
  • Passthrough shaders now show up in the Emission AOV


2.7.368 10/25/19

  • Fixes to uploading render stats
  • Changing visibility of a group affects all children in hierarchy
  • Older CPU's without SSE2 support are not allowed to attempt running CPU denoiser as it crashes.
  • Fixes a crash with using the Physical Light with a mesh


2.7.377 11/08/19

  • Fixed a crash that could happen when you assign more than one material to a mesh.  
  • Shadow Catcher node is renamed "Matte" node.  It now includes Reflection Catcher as well.  Also it enables needed AOV's automatically when used. 
  • Removed Motion blur "scale" parameter.  To increase motion blur, use camera exposure or increase actual motion.
  • Add min/max/mod/floor operations to RPRArithmetic node
  • EXR files saved from render use linear color space
  • Layered Texture node exports significantly faster
  • Using a blend material on multiple meshes works now
  • Full spectrum rendering support is added for Windows.  See more info on this here:  Full Spectrum Rendering in Radeon ProRender for Blender 
    This allows a user to set render "mode" for final and IPR renders.  
    • Full - Normal Path trace renderer
    • High - Vulkan hybrid with ray tracing
    • Medium - Vulkan rendering with cached GI
    • Low - Vulkan rasterization.  
  • MASH instances are supported


Thanks for helping test!

AMD RPR team



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