Weekly Beta builds of Radeon ProRender for Maya

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To improve the quality of Radeon ProRender and get feedback from users, AMD is posting "beta" builds weekly(ish) of the plugin.  Please add comments or questions, any feedback below.  Also below is a list of changes since the latest released plugin on https://pro.radeon.com/en/software/prorender/download/


Please note that this build is meant as a preview and is unsupported compared to the official build.  Feedback on the changes below is greatly appreciated!


2/8/2019 -

  • Hair created with Maya xGen system is now rendered
  • Various fixes that all render settings are exported in .rpr export
  • "Use shader normal" in Uber shader now behaves as expected.  If checked use the master shader normal, or can be overridden with each lobe.
  • RPR exports of animations will cache static textures etc to minimize export size.
  • Refraction weight balanced correctly with diffuse in Uber shader.
  • Fix for textures with .jpeg extension (.jpg worked fine)
  • Fixed an issue of adaptive subdivision with displacement map spinning the CPU at 100% before render starts.
  • Fix light motion blur on CPU
  • Mesh export time is improved
  • Fix refraction + volume on CPU
  • Fix CPU crash for using "Opacity" AOV with volume objects.



  •  Optimized translation of HSV node
  • Added setting for number of samples to use for Ambient Occlusion nodes
  • Fixed an issue of Uber shader being deleted when attached nodes were deleted.
  • Added "Passthrough" node as option to RPR Material
  • Fixed issue that a Blend Node was not working as input to Uber displacement


3/1/2019 (2.5.269)

  • Fixed issue of iteration count going over requested amount
  • Export of scene via RPRS file uses default camera if not selected in render settings.
  • Added Albedo AOV


3/8/2019 (2.5.271)

  • Added Albedo AOV to viewport menu


3/18/2019 (2.6.275)

  • Materials can be attached to XGen Hair by selecting in the outliner and applying material
  • Maya 2019 support


3/22/2019 (2.6.279)

  • Lights update in viewport
  • Add environment light overrides
  • Overhaul and optimize object and duplicator export.  Export of duplicators may be faster with many instances.
  • Fix issue with material library not being found


Thanks for helping test!

AMD RPR team


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