Weekly Beta builds of Radeon ProRender for 3DSMax

Version 2

    To improve the quality of Radeon ProRender and get feedback from users, AMD is posting "beta" builds weekly(ish) of the plugin.  Please add comments or questions, any feedback below.  Also below is a list of changes since the latest released plugin on https://pro.radeon.com/en/software/prorender/download/


    Please note that this build is meant as a preview and is unsupported compared to the official build.  Feedback on the changes below is greatly appreciated!



    • PBR and Uber shaders are made equivalent to maya and blender shaders
    • Render settings cleanup



    • Uber: Clearcoat and refraction absorption on uber is now a color instead of a float
    • Light count (in render stamp) was previously overcounting lights and not correctly reporting emissive geometry.
    • Added .rpr export format.


    Thanks for helping test!

    AMD RPR team


    Dropbox - RadeonProRender3dsMax_2.3.396.msi