How To Enable AMD FreeSync™

Version 9

    This document provides instructions on how to enable AMD FreeSync using AMD Radeon Software.









    What Are The Requirements To Use AMD FreeSync™?


    • A compatible AMD Radeon™ GPU with a DisplayPort connection


    AMD Radeon™ Pro Duo, R9 Fury X, Fury, Nano, RX 480, RX 470, RX 460 R9 390X, 390, 295X2, R9 290X, 290, R9 380X, 380, R9 285, R7 360, R7 260X and 260 GPUs feature display controllers that  support dynamic refresh rates during gaming.


    • A compatible AMD graphics driver


    AMD FreeSync™ is available using the latest AMD graphics drivers from





    How To Enable AMD FreeSync™?


    • Ensure the DisplayPort 1.2 channel is enabled and selected




    • Enable AMD FreeSync™ in the Display OSD setting



    Note! If you are unsure how to enable AMD FreeSync™ in OSD setting please consult the display documentation or the manufacturer's website.





    How To Enable AMD FreeSync™ In AMD Radeon™ Software?


    • Right click on the desktop and select AMD Radeon™ Settings






    • Navigate to the Display tab






    • Set AMD FreeSync to On



    Note! AMD FreeSync™ requires DirectX® 9, 10, 11 and 12 applications to be run in exclusive fullscreen mode in order to function correctly