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The AMD Clean Uninstall Utility will attempt to remove any previously installed AMD Catalyst™ display and audio drivers, and cleans up left-over files and registry entries from the system.  This helps to prepare the system for a better driver installation experience.

NOTE: The AMD Clean Uninstall Utility should only be used if the normal uninstallation procedure using the Windows Control Panel's Programs and Features option is unsuccessful.

NOTE: All previous versions of AMD display and audio drivers as well as AMD software components will be removed by the AMD Clean Uninstall Utility.  This utility removes the enumerations created under the display and audio registry keys resulting from multiple graphics cards.

To download the AMD Clean Install Utility, please visit :

: The AMD Clean Uninstall Utility is designed to be supported only on systems running Microsoft Windows® 7 and above.

How to use the AMD Clean Uninstall Utility:

1.     After downloading the AMD Clean Uninstall Utility, locate the file where it was saved and double click on the "AMDCleanupUtility.exe" icon.



2.     A warning message will appear stating that the AMD Clean Uninstall Utility will remove ALL AMD driver and application components.


    • Click "OK" to continue
    • Click "Cancel" if you wish to exit the AMD Clean Uninstall Utility


3.     After clicking "OK" the utility will be minimized to the notification area (system tray) and the progress will be displayed as a tool tip.




4.     The uninstall process will continue to run in the background.  To check the progress, hover the mouse over the AMD icon in the notification area.

NOTE: While the uninstall process is running, the display may flicker or turn black for a few seconds.  This is normal while the system is applying new settings.


5.     Once the uninstallation process is finished, a message is displayed stating it has successfully completed

Click "View Report" to see the list of components that were uninstalled otherwise, click "Finish" to exit the utility.



6.     To finalize the uninstall process click "Yes" to reboot the computer.


NOTE: The system must be rebooted after running this utility.


Supported Operating Systems

  • Windows 10 32-bit and 64-bit
  • Windows 8.1 32-bit and 64-bit
  • Windows 8 32-bit and 64-bit
  • Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit


Supported Hardware

  • AMD Desktop Graphics
  • AMD Professional Graphics
  • AMD APU Graphics
  • AMD Integrated Graphics



If you run into any issues during the execution of the utility, you can recover the system to its prior state using the system restore point (AMD Cleanup Utility Restore Point) that is created by the utility before performing cleanup activity.

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