AMD and Alienware Level-Up PC Gaming at E3 2016

Blog Post created by ogi.brkic Employee on Jun 13, 2016

YouTube is flooded with new game trailers, Reddit is abuzz with reactions, and it seems that every hour another press conference is kicking off live on Twitch to bring people more juicy gaming news than we can handle. Yes, E3 2016 is most definitely underway, and AMD and Alienware are in the mix in the big way.


Just a few minutes ago, AMD CEO Lisa Su took the stage at E3 to give the world of PC gaming what it was waiting for: a look at the full line-up of our next-generation Radeon™ RX Series graphics cards based on the revolutionary Polaris architecture.


These cards are going to transform PC gaming this summer, giving gamers enthusiast class performance and features for gamers at mainstream price points. The previously announced Radeon™ RX 480 graphics card, designed for incredibly smooth AAA gaming at 1440p resolution and set to be the most affordable solution for premium VR experiences starting at just $199 SEP for the Radeon RX 480 4GB version, is joined by the newly announced Radeon™ RX 470 graphics card, for unbelievable gaming at 1080p resolution, and the Radeon™ RX 460, a cool and efficient solution for the ultimate eSports experience. Check out the official press release for all the details here.


If that wasn’t enough, Lisa also showed off some of the insanely cool work that we’re doing in close collaboration with our technology partners.  That included a world-first sneak-peek of the upcoming Serious Sam VR experience from Croteam using AMD LiquidVR Technology, and some exciting new PC technology from Alienware, including the new Alienware VR Backpacki product concept featuring Radeon™ RX Series graphics.




The VR backpack concept is a stunning new way to maximize the VR experience while minimizing cable clutter. As AMD works to democratize VR by making a premium VR experience available to millions of consumers, Alienware too has been exploring new ways of empowering consumers to enjoy VR. The backpack concept aims to squeeze in the ultra-efficient, high-performance Radeon™ RX Series graphics to give gamers the quality experience and sophisticated engineering they’ve come to expect from both companies.


Radeon™ graphics will also be powering Alienware’s entire next-generation line-up of gaming desktops, which were unveiled at E3 today. The forthcoming Radeon™ RX Series graphics processors will soon be a part of the lineup available on the Alienware Aurora, delivering exceptional gaming performance and VR capabilities typically reserved for larger systems in a sleek industrial design that maximizes cooling without sacrificing ergonomics. Engineered to support dual-graphics, and liquid-cooled, overclocked processors, the Alienware Aurora is every gamer’s dream.


Continuing its push into exciting new form factors, Radeon™ graphics will also drive the new Alienware Alpha, redefining the notion of desktop gaming by delivering extraordinary gaming performance in small form factor desktops that are ideal for the living room, and ultra-portable for toting around to LAN parties.


This June has already been an incredible month for PC gamers and we’re just halfway through. Follow along with AMD this E3 on Facebook and Twitter and stay tuned throughout the rest of the month as the excitement around the new Radeon™ RX Series graphics hits a fever pitch!


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iCurrently in product concept stage only and is subject to change. Images, mock-ups and demos of the VR Backpack are conceptual, not the actual product, and are for illustrative purposes only.